01: How to Choose the Right Home-Based Opportunity for You

Sep 01, 2022

I have a question for you. Are you not having the type of success you were expecting, wanting, or even hoping for from your network marketing business? Well, two things my friend; number one, you are not alone. And number two, well, as you'll discover in this episode, it just may not be your fault. 

There are so many great opportunities for you to choose from, which can be overwhelming.

You can find a Network Marketing opportunity in almost any industry. You can sell products, services, and even insurance.

But not all companies are created equal. Some are better than others. How do you know which is a legitimate opportunity that will help you achieve your goals? Since you’re making a lifetime investment that can sustain you for years to come, it’s only fair to take your time and do some research before going all in. As with every industry, there are scams to avoid.

In today’s episode, I share with you how you can choose the right network marketing opportunity, my gold standard baseline checklist for finding the right company, and the personal preferential items to consider. There’s a lot to learn! Please enjoy!


Key Highlights:

[01:39] The first key step you shouldn't miss if you want to achieve success in network marketing

[03:27] How do you choose the right home-based business for you?

[03:40] #1: Love the products and services the company provides

[04:08] #2: Conduct a baseline investigation on the network marketing company you want to be involved with

[05:10] My gold standard baseline checklist for finding the right network marketing company

#1: Does the company have distributors?

#2: Do an online search of the company

#3: Is the company well funded?

#4: The company's sales history

#5: What is the ratio of distributors versus customers? 

#6: Is the company in good standing?

#7:who owns the company?

#8: How long have they been in business?

[14:45] #3: Different preferential items to consider before you go all in

#1: What type of compensation plan do they have?

#2: The company's sales and marketing tools

 #3: What type of recognition do they have?

#4: Check out their support system

#5: What team will you be joining?

#6: What training is available?

#7: The products and services they offer

[23:43] Ray Higdon's 3 Ps when choosing a company


Notable Quotes:

  • Just because our friend or family member joined that particular company or opportunity doesn't really make it the right one for us necessarily.
  • Selecting the right opportunity for you is a very important decision. And it could very well change the entire trajectory of the future of you and your family.
  • A baseline investigation will basically tell you if the company is a good solid reliable company versus a “here today gone tomorrow type” company.
  • Building a network marketing career is simple, but it is not easy, my friend, it takes effort. It takes hard work. And therefore, you really want to make sure that you are investing your time and effort with the right company.
  • Obviously, we can't and nor should we believe everything we read online, absolutely not. But if you're seeing more bad comments or bad reviews than good, that's probably a huge red flag. 
  • To get this information about the financials, are they well funded? Are they in debt, you can always ask the person who's presenting the company to you. But if they don't have them, ask their support team.
  • Being with a network marketing company whose sales are growing is usually way easier and a heck of a lot more fun than being with a company whose said sales are flat.
  • To have that long-term success, you must have consumers who are consistently purchasing your products and services.
  • For me, the money part was more of a motivator. But I can promise you as your team builds, recognition will be something that people on your team will strive for and they will go the extra mile to achieve.
  • You can love the products. But do they really offer a solution for the masses? Are they easy to talk about? Are they easy to share? And if your answer is an absolute Yes, then this will make your job a lot easier.
  • As with all aspects of building any business whether it's a network marketing business or not, consistency is always the key.
  • The only way you will not have success in network marketing or quite frankly any other area in your life is if you don't put in the effort, or you quit.
  • Persistence beats resistance.



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