Staying Motivated and Positive / How to Push Through Difficult Times as a Single Parent Entrepreneur #031

mental health motivation positive mood Mar 23, 2023

Staying Motivated and Positive: How to Push Through Difficult Times as a Single Parent Entrepreneur

Episode #031



Today, we’ll be discussing how to stay motivated when things are not going your way in either your personal life,  business life, or even both, at the same time are making you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.


It happens. There was a time when the company I was with changed their compensation plan, again, for the worse again, and key leaders on my team were seriously talking about quitting. They had had enough. I didn’t blame them, but I was trying to hold my business together, trying to settle my team down and talking to corporate to try to get them to fix what they did. Both my daughters were in a very expensive private school at the time. I was the mom, dad and provider and here’s my business on the brink of going up in flames. That same week, I discovered the man I had been dating for 3 years, at the time, the guy I thought I was madly in love with, had been cheating on me pretty much the entire time we were together.

I just wanted to crawl into be and stay there.

I didn’t want to deal with my business

I didn’t want to deal with my personal life, I just wanted to stay in bed.

And I did, for 1 day.

I drove my girls to school, came home, hopped back into bed.

I didn’t answer a single call or reply to a single text all day.

Picked up my girls from school. 

Told them I had a headache and went back to bed.

I had pizza delivered and called it a day.

I’m not proud of how I handled what was going on, but when shit hits the fan from multiple directions, you’re bound to get hit in the face with some.

That’s life sometimes.


I realized that I couldn’t continue to live everyday in bed. I had major responsibilities, not only to my daughters, but also to my team, so I had to dig deep and tapped into my Driving Force.

I incorporated the tips and strategies I’m going to give you here today and managed to get up, take a shower, and began dealing with my issues at hand, one at a time.

It was not easy, but I took one step in the right direction over and over again until I was out of the mess and back on track.

Then I kept doing what I’m about to share with you, and still do today. This helps prevent, or at least it helps minimize the rut, slump, frustration or overwhelm that we find ourselves in from time to time and keep the motivation to move forward going.

The Struggle of Staying Motivated”

We all know how hard it is to stay motivated when things aren't going well. Whether your personal life is in shambles or your business is not growing as fast as you expected, like in my story I just shared with you, it’s easy to give up on everything and throw in the towel. But here's the thing: success requires consistent action, even when it feels like nothing is working. We need to dig deep and find the motivation within ourselves to keep going- no matter what!


Here are the Tips & Strategies I use to Stay Motivated:

They are tried-and-tested to help you stay motivated, even when things seem impossible...


1. Give yourself grace. Cut yourself some slack from time to time- sometimes it’s okay if you don’t have that extra energy or enthusiasm for doing something. Acknowledge where you are right now instead of expecting too much from yourself


2. Celebrate small wins. It can be really hard when our main goal seems far away or out of reach, so celebrate each step along the way! Celebrating small wins helps us appreciate our progress while also keeping us motivated to keep going


3. Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparing ourselves can be detrimental as it can lead us into a spiral of feeling inadequate or unworthy compared to others who may appear more successful than us at first glance. Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on making progress over time and celebrating your own accomplishments


4. Connect with other people who understand & empathize with what you’re going through. Having relationships with people who have been through similar experiences can help keep you motivated and remind you that there is hope for better days ahead. This is where a good accountability partner comes in very handy. We covered that in last weeks episode #30


5. Take care of yourself first & foremost before anything else- make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating healthy meals, exercising regularly etc so that your body & mind has enough energy & motivation to keep pushing forward towards success!


Bonus Tip:

It can also be helpful to create daily routines that keep you disciplined and productive while building your business. This might include setting up specific goals each day or scheduling out different tasks at certain times of the day so that you stay on track with all that needs to be done. Having this kind of structure will not only help keep you organized but will also give you a sense of accomplishment as tasks are completed one-by-one.



Conclusion: Even though it can feel like everything is out of our control at times, remember that we still have power over ourselves and our actions - we just need to find ways of staying motivated no matter what! By following the tips discussed in today’s episode, we can make sure that we stay focused on our goals, personal and business, even during difficult times….

I am here for you every step of the way.



1. Staying Motivated and Taking Action Even When Life Throws You a Curveball (00:00 - 06:07)

2. 5 Tips to Stay Motivated, Even During Life's Most Difficult Times (06:07 - 12:12)

3. Getting Motivated in Difficult Times: The Keys to Staying Positive and Productive (12:12 - 16:32)


Long Summary:

When faced with multiple pressures it is important to recognize and utilize one's driving force to stay motivated. Breaking the task down into manageable steps is an effective way of dealing with the issues and achieving the desired outcome. It is necessary to monitor mental health and wellbeing, which can be done by being kind to oneself and celebrating even the small wins. To further improve mood, motivation and overall wellbeing, it is beneficial to embrace things like sunshine and positive music, creating a daily routine and setting goals for oneself each day. Lastly, prioritizing self care and giving grace is paramount.

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