How to build your network marketing business using Cold Market messaging? Episode #13

cold market messaging how to build with cold market Nov 28, 2022

How to build your network marketing business using Cold Market messaging? Does it work and Is it even the right strategy for you?


Those questions and more will be answered in today’s episode.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in!


So, I’ve done cold calls, cold emails, cold messages on social media, shoot, back in the day, I even put fliers on cars in parking lots. You name it, I’ve done it. LOL

Some of the things worked and some, my friend, absolutely did not work for me. LOL


I recently listened to a training that 2 top leaders, from 2 different companies, selling completely different products did. They talked about how they got to the top of their respective companies and become the top recruiters all by using cold market messaging. 


It got me thinking that this is something I should teach you guys, in case you’d like to go this route, you’ll know what to do and how to do it correctly and not spin your wheels. I want to make sure you have success if you choose to implement this tactic. 


When building your business, especially building with cold market you have to remain more addicted to your activity than the response you get from the people you are prospecting.




Now, there are many people who say they’ve tried cold market messaging and it doesn’t work. 

It does work. It didn’t work for them because of 1 or more of the following reasons reasons:

  1. They weren’t sending the right message
  2. They didn’t send enough messages 
  3. They didn’t do it for a long enough period of time
  4. Or they weren’t consistent with it


If you build with cold market by sending out up to 50-100 messages per day. 

After 1 year, your business will rival most within your company.


Cold market is a numbers game. SINALOA - Safety In Numbers And Laws Of Averages, so it’s super important you remain more addicted to your activity than the response you get, because you will get a lot of “no’s”, and a lot of ghosting. That’s totally fine and normal. Be addicted to your activity.


Even if Cold market doesn’t appeal to you, still tune in to hear how to do it,  because there will be people on your team who will be interested.


Cold market is not the be all end all, it’s simply an option.


There are usually 2 types of people who are drawn to or get excited about building with the cold market.


The 1st type of person is the type that doesn’t want to do a bunch of videos, posting, they’re maybe a little introverted and not ready to get out of their comfort zone yet, they’d rather just get to the point and send messages. 


The second type of person doesn’t have influence. Maybe their circle is super small, super negative, not supportive, or maybe they’ve tried network marketing and have gone on the MLM merry go round and jumped around and approached their friends and neighbors with ALL of them and now no one will take their calls, return their text messages and they avoid them at the family functions, you know what I mean. LOL 


Cold market people don’t know their history, it’s a clean slate, which makes this a very appealing option to some. 


Side note, all the people who wouldn’t answer your phone call, or want to associate with you, as soon as you start having success, you’ll be surprised how quickly the texts get replied and the calls get answered. LOL 


Anyway, I see some big leaders in the industry, influencers, bash cold messaging. Why would they do that?

Well Usually it’s because they have influence already. They have a good social media following and/or they have a great warm market. They reach out to people in their circle and they are met with positivity and people who are excited to jump into what ever it is they’re doing, and buy what ever it is they’re selling, so they've never needed to cold message and because they didn’t need to do it, they are out of touch and don’t realize that other people, probably people even on their team, don’t have the built in influence or clout and they don’t want to do all the videos to build their influence either. Their circle is super negative and even runs away from them when they see them coming.


This type of leader who bashes cold messaging or cold marketing, they are just out of touch because they’ve never had to do it and so they can’t see why anyone else would want to. 

Now I’m not saying this is the only way to build your business, or even the best way like I said, but it does give a very valid option for those who need it, that’s why I wanted to do an episode all about this today.


There are different types of cold marketing, but the most popular and the one that everyone always wants to learn is Cold messaging through social media.

That’s what we’ll talk about here today.


There are some rules though when you’re cold messaging on social media. Never, ever 




bug or 

annoy, that actually goes for any prospecting you’re doing. Lol 


By the way, these scripts are not designed to recruit other network marketers. I don’t believe you should market to them. You wouldn’t appreciate someone marketing to people on your team. 

I believe it 2 things

  1. Do what you say you’re going to do
  2. Treat others how you want to be treated

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Treat others how you want to be treated. Now, if a network marketer reaches out to you to see what you’re up to, then all bets are off at that point.


Now, if you reach out to someone and they turn out to be a network marketer, you can just say to them “I didn’t realize you were already in the industry. That is so awesome! Congratulations” That, by the way, makes you even more appealing to them, so if ever they are not happy where they are, they will remember you and who knows what could happen in the future, but don’t actively pursue other Network Marketers.

The scripts I’m about to give you won’t work on them anyway. These scripts are for the other billions of people who are outside of the network marketing industry.


This brings up a point. Before you send them the message I’m going to give you, check out the persons profile page first. Do a little research. This will only take you a few seconds per person, but it will save you a lot of grief. Other networkers usually don’t take very kindly to people reaching out to them, especially when they receive a scripted message from someone they don’t know. Lol 


Okay, so when you reach out to someone through direct messaging, there are 3 things that go through their mind.

“Do I know you?”

“What do you want?”

Why me?”


It’s the “why me” that most people don’t address when they cold message people.

If any of these questions are left unanswered in your initial message to them, your conversation will not move forward. It’s a real thing. You have to address all 3 in the first reach out.


No, this doesn’t mean you have to build a rapport with them. For this type of marketing, you do not need, nor should you build rapport, at least initially. 


It would be weird if you sent a first message to someone who you don’t know and they don’t know you and you say something like, “I see you just went on vacation, how fun!”

They will think you are stalking them!

Don’t do that. That’s weird and creepy. LOL

You build rapport if they reach out to you. As an example, when I get a new friend request, I check out their profile first. 


By the way, pro-tip, If they don’t have their picture as the profile picture or they haven’t posted for a long time, I don’t accept their friend request. Also, I’ll look at their posts, if they post about negative stuff or things that don’t align with me, I won’t accept their friend request. You have to manage your energy and we are so fortunate to be in this industry where we have the luxury of choosing who we work with and who we associate with.


Anyway, if I check their FB profile and I like what I see, I’ll accept their friend request and then instantly message them. At that point I will comment on their latest post.

As an example, I just accepted a post from a lady who is very active on social media and she has just had twins. I don’t know her. I checked out her page and saw she had to amazing twins. So I reached out to her thanking her for the friend request and told her how adorable her twins where and how my bundles of joy are now 21 and 23 yrs old.


Side note here - we are in the relationship business. When someone reaches out to you, via friend request, comment or even a like on a post, that opens the door for you to reach out to them to open the door a little further. That’s all. 


This makes being purposeful with your posts, stories, and how you’re showing up on social media even more important. They will be stalking you. LOL Give them something worth while. Something where, if they are your ideal customer, they’ll think, “wow, I need to connect with her” or “wow, I want that” or “wow, I’d love to work with her.”


To learn more about identifying your ideal customer, check out episode 4 “know your ideal customer better than they know themselves”. I’ll put the link in the show notes and in the blog that goes with this episode.


You can comment on one of their recent posts by the way. Don’t comment on posts that are back weeks, months or years, that is also creepy. LOL

So, you can comment on 1 or 2 of their recent posts, but don’t go out of your way to build a rapport through messenger. Just get to the point.


If you don’t just get to the point, they’ll wonder why you’re reaching out to them. What do you want? It’s just not natural. If you’re at a dinner party and you meet someone you didn’t know, that’s when you build rapport, messaging is not the place my friend. It comes across as very weird and creepy if you’re cold messaging.


People, by the way, whether it’s in business or dating, they’d rather you just get to the point. Life is short, don’t waste it dancing around the tulips with them, get to the point, for the sake of both of you.


So the sooner you answer the 3 questions everyone thinks when someone who they don’t know reaches out them, “do I know you? What do you want? Why me? The better. You either get their attention and put them in your process sooner, or they say no sooner. Sooner is always better than later.


Remember, you have to answer all 3 question in that first reach out. If I left one of the questions out, look what happens:


“Hey, I know we don’t know each other, but I represent a business that is solely focused on anti aging. Is this something you’d be open to chatting with me about?”


Their first thought, guaranteed, “wow she thinks I look old”, or “why did she reach out to me?”. I promise you. It leaves a hole in your approach for them to go to.

I didn’t tell answer “why them”.

Again, this is only for cold market, meaning, you don’t know them and they don’t know you, a stranger.


The why them by the way, is going to be either location or their occupation. There maybe other “why thems”, but those are the 2 I’ve always used. 

Here’s the message you’d send for location:


"Hey, I know we don't know each other. I see that you live in Los Angeles, California." That's the why them. "I see you live in Los Angeles, California. I'm actively expanding my business in the LA area. We show people how to make extra money on social media without interfering with what they're currently doing. Is that's something you'd be open to taking a look at? If not, no big deal.” Or you can say not a problem at all. 

Always end by giving them an out.


This simple message answers all 3 of the questions everyone thinks when they receive a message from someone they don’t even know, plus gives them an exit.


So the basic outline is:

”Hey, I know we don't know each other. Here's why I'm messaging you. Here's why you specifically. Oh, by the way, if you're not open to it, no big deal. It's okay." 


No one will be offended by that. You may not get a reply and that’s okay, that’s all part of cold marketing. You have to have thicker skin sometimes when you decide to use cold marketing as a method to grow your business. By the way, who’s going to be offended or mad by you asking if they are open? What are they going to say, “no I’m not open” That’s a weird statement.


They don’t know you, so they don’t know to be nice to you or to respect you.

I’ve never taught anything I haven’t done, or do myself. So, a few years ago, I was intrigued by cold marketing and then the main thing was cold calling. Oh my gosh! I have never been yelled at and hung up on more in my life than in the first 10 min of me doing that. LOL

I was a multi million dollar producer and had helped thousands of people do the same, but they didn’t know that. I was just some person, they didn’t know, calling them and interrupting their soap opera. LOL


I made mention of this, but the words “are you open” versus “are you interested” are very different. 

We are hard wired to say “no” if someone asks if we are interested, but we aren’t if someone asked if we are open. Think about it. It’s so true. What are we going to say, “no, I’m not open”, so we’re closed? It goes against our nature.


Okay, so that was the script for location. Let’s go through the one for occupation. First you need to look at their profile page and see what their occupation is. 

Whatever it is, chances are, unless you’re with a brand spanking new start up company, there are people, within your company, that have that same occupation and are having success. 


Let’s say they are a realtor, your message to them would be;

"Hey, I know we don't know each other. I see that you're a realtor. We happen to work with a lot of realtors to show them how to make extra money on social media without interfering with what they're currently doing. Is that something you'd be open to taking a look at? If not, no big deal." 


Again, saying “Is that something you'd be open to taking a look at? If not, no big deal.” No one will be offended by that. No one is going to say, "How dare you say it's okay if I'm not open?”


These scripts are super simple. If you use them verbatim, implore SINALOA - Safety In Number And Law Of Averages - and stay consistent, everyday, 1 year from now, you will have a thriving business that will rival most others in your company.

Remember, be more addicted to your activity than the response you get.


So my friend was this helpful? Did you get value from this episode? I’d love to hear from you. Let’s connect. My Facebook and Instagram links are in the show notes and on our site I’d love to hear from you.  


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All right my friend until next week, take care of yourself.



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