The Daily Gratitude Challenge (5 Steps to a Happier Life)

5 steps to a happier life gratitude challenge Nov 23, 2022
5 Steps to a happier life

The Daily Gratitude Challenge (5 Steps to a Happier Life)


We are told to give thanks, be grateful, especially this time of year.

It sometimes can seem easier said than done. When you are a single parent with a job you hate. No time to spend with your own children. Feeling the single parent guilt. Barely making ends meet, or not making ends meet. (Pancakes and Mac n cheese were my dinner go to’s for a brief period of time). You know the holidays are coming up and you just can’t give your children the Christmas or holiday you’d like to. 

I know this, because I have been there. It is difficult to be grateful, everyday, no matter what is going on. It is, it’s hard. We try not to be negative. We try to find the positive and find even the smallest of things to be grateful for, but when life gets more and more difficult, it gets harder and harder to find even the smallest of things to be grateful for. They are over shadowed by things in life that seem to be sucking the joy right out of us.

However, just like brushing our teeth, tying our shoes, making our bed or grabbing a cup of coffee everyday the attitude of gratitude can and will become second nature to you, if you are willing to give a little bit of effort…not much, just a little. 

Here are 5 daily action steps to incorporate into your day that will give you the attitude of gratitude each and every single day, no matter what is going on in your life.


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Okay - here are the 5 action steps to incorporate into your day that will give you the attitude of gratitude each and every single day, no matter what is going on in your life.

#1. Notice your negative thoughts. Not stopping them, that’s just about impossible, but we can catch them, acknowledge them and then release them. Negative thoughts are only harmful if we hold on to them and take ownership of them. Let them go as if you’re watching a leaf float down a river.

You maybe thinking “Sam, easy for you to say, you’re no longer struggling to make ends meet. How in the heck do I let my negative thoughts go like a tricking leaf floating down a river?”, Well, that was my thought when I first heard this concept. What I did, when a negative thought popped in my mind (believe me, with an abusive addict for a husband, there were many), I would envision that negative thought written on a post-it note and watched that post-it note float away, down the river, until I could no longer see it. Believe me, the more you do this, the better at it you will be and the quicker you’ll be at catching and releasing the negative thoughts. 

You’ll actually begin to catch other people’s negative words or actions like you never have before too. Side note - limit your exposure negative people. They are not going to help you live a better life.


#2. First thing in the morning, before your feet hit the floor, take a big stretch - arms over your head, point your toes, arch your back, tighten your muscles, take a deep breath and then release it all. This will instantly get your blood flowing. Creating circulation, which automatically makes us feel better and changes our state.


#3. After your “Good morning stretch” take less than a min (more if you like, but it doesn’t have to be) to make a mental note of 5 things you are grateful for. It could be you are grateful for your comfortable bed, warm blankets, waking up to another day, your family, the birds chirping. It does’t have to be the big things. We just want to generate the feeling of gratitude in our body. We want to condition our mind and body to get use to this feeling. Remember, we want the attitude of gratitude to become as second nature to us as brushing our teeth.


#4. Find 1 thing you like about yourself (I’m all for finding more, but if you are anything like me, in the beginning, finding just 1 thing I liked about myself was difficult for me). My self worth was at an all time low. 

By the way, this again, can be something small, such as “ I like how kind I am to others”, as an example.


#5. At the end of the day, when you are closing out your work day, or before you start getting ready for bed (don’t do this when you’re hopping into bed and you’re completely exhausted), have a little energy to tap into-, do a quick review of your day and congratulate yourself on a win you had that day. Again, it doesn’t have to be a big win. Your win could be that you reached out to the amount of people you wanted to today, or the fact that you took 3 10 min breaks throughout your day and moved your body. Congratulate yourself and tell yourself that you are… indeed… proud of YOU!


As James Clear, author of Atomic Habits (one of the best books ever by the way) says, “If you get one percent better each day for one year, you’ll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you’re done.” He also says, “Most people need consistency more than they need intensity”.

Stay consistent with these 5 daily action steps and you will have the attitude of gratitude. It will become second nature to you. 

You’ll notice that being in a daily state of gratitude, your thoughts will begin to change. 

And as Dr Joe Dispenza teaches, our thoughts lead to our choices. Our choices lead to our actions and behaviors. Our actions and behaviors give us an experience. That experience then creates an emotion. That emotion leads us back to our thoughts. If we have good thoughts, this cycle will be amazing and makes our life better and better. If our thoughts are negative or victim (life happens to us) type of thoughts, poor me thoughts, that will lead to poor choices, which will lead to poor actions and behaviors that will give us a poor experience that will create a poor emotion that will then create another poor thought. Vicious cycle that will be detrimental to living a best life.


We have to make sure our thoughts match up with the person we want to be and the life we want. Live as that person now and the “how and what” will come.

It all starts with having an attitude of gratitude my friend.






Taylor, Danielle and I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season.


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As my uncle Graham always says, “life is not a dress rehearsal” let’s make this one count my friend!


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Until next week my friend, Take care of yourself! xx



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