Posture: What is it and why is so important for the growth of your Network Marketing business? Episode #18

how to use posture to close more business Dec 08, 2022
how to grow your Network marketing business using posture

Episode 18 - Posture. Why is it so important to have when building your network marketing business?



What is posture and why is it so important to have when building your network marketing business?


Posture is the belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance or approval. 

Most people lack posture, especially when faced with negativity, or push back.


Having posture when building your network marketing business, is the difference between being great at getting new business and being terrible at it.

Okay, so…Having posture, is you coming from a position of strength, not weakness.

Often times, when we are talking to someone about our products or opportunity and they say they are too busy right now to take a look, or maybe they are even flat out negative and say something like, “I’ve tried one of those things before. Only the people at the top make money. It’s a scam.”, we go right into convincing mode.


We love our company and we love our products and we just know that if they take a look, there’s a great chance that they’ll love them too so we go into all the reasons why our company is so great and how it’s different than anything else out there. How the comp plan is the best in the industry and the products are patented, they’re the only products doctors recommend. Can’t get them anywhere else in the world…blah blah blah.


When people are skeptical or negative, we tend to go into this convincing mode, especially if we are desperate.


Desperation doesn’t work.

We have to have the energy of not needing them to join or buy.

Begging and pleading doesn’t work


Don’t try to convince or defend in the attempt to turn them around


There is a 100% chance you are going to be hit with all kinds of replies that are going to test your Posture.


People being;



Don’t think they can do it

Are all tests of your posture


When we get hit with these tests, most Network Marketers think;

Okay, even though they are too busy right now


Okay, even though they are negative, how can I still get them to buy


turn around


They are pulling away from you and your are leaning into them, chasing them. That doesn’t work.


Think about if you were on a 1st date. He was nice and pretty funny. You had a good time. As you are saying goodbye, he asks if you’d like to go on a second date. You told him you’d love to, but you’re super busy right now with the holidays coming up and the kids home from school, but you’ll let him know as soon as you’re freed up a bit. 

He said he completely understood. However, 30 min later he reaches out to you and tells you that he’s the best guy out there, he’s not like anyone else you’ve ever dated, he’ll adapt his schedule to yours and he’ll be available whenever you are, the next day, the day after, the day after that, the day after that and he gives you all the reasons why you need to go on a second date with him right away, completely dismissing the fact you told him you were busy.

He’s coming off as being desperate, pushy and needy. A complete turn off. You would go from being interested in seeing him again, to being completely repelled. There is not a chance that you’ll ever go out with him again and you’ll most likely block him. LOL




When we are hit with responses that test our posture, we often look for the “what do I do” to get them to go my way.

So…Instead of thinking of “what do I do or say to get them turned around” think of of “who you want to be”

Have the “Be” Posture - 

If someone says they’re busy, say “Hey, no problem. I’m slammed too, but reach out to me when you’re free and I’ll do my best to respond” or,  if they tell you they’re too busy to take a look right now, but follow up with them next week, say “Shoot, I don’t have any openings next week to follow up with you. I have an opening the following Thursday”

Be busier than they are.


Respond the way you want to be.

Meaning, if you are worried about having enough money to pay your electricity bill, you are going to want to slip into the “what do I do” to get them to go my way even though they said they were too busy, negative, said they can’t do it, they’ve tried network marketing before and it didn’t work, etc.


If you have reached your financial and rank goal in your company, let’s say you have even superseded your goal by a mile, how would you handle someone saying they were too busy to take a look at what you’re doing, or were negative, said they can’t do it, network marketing doesn’t work, etc.


You wouldn’t chase them. You wouldn’t lean into them as they were pulling away, as your posture was being tested. You would lean away and take it away from them.


I know this may feel counterintuitive to lean away from people if you really need the money, but you will actually close more people if you carry the posture of your future, successful you.

This is about being effective.


By being postured, you will be more effective.


If someone is super negative, be postured, come from a position of strength, and say “hey, I get it. This isn’t a fit for everyone, no problem, I’m sure you know people who would like to (make more money), (build a side business), etc, let me know, thank you so much”


Btw, the people who are negative, they’ll be taken back by your posture and more often than not, their curiosity will kick in and they’ll become open to seeing what it is you have. No one expects you to pull away, everyone expects you to go into convincing mode.


If someone says they can’t do this kind of business - “I understand what you’re saying there’s a single mom of 3 children who was on welfare and living in her care and now, she’s debt free, her kids go to a private school and she just bought a home, but not everyone wants to do this kind of thing. Do you know anyone who would like to earn some extra money?”


Don’t make a counter point to their objection - to their leaning away - the posture tests.


Think of the posture tests as a brick wall, would you run full force into the brick wall, no. If you lean into them as they are lean away, that is you, running full force, into that brick wall, head first.

Don’t counter. You’ll lose.


If your posture is being weak, needy or desperate, it won’t work.


Remember, you are the one with the solution to their problem(s). You’re the prize.

Don’t be arrogant, be confident. Have the posture of the person you want to be.


This is the difference between someone who is great at recruiting, building a team and consistently growing their customer base and someone who is bad at it.


It’s all in your posture.


As a side note, it’s okay to be selective when your are recruiting. These are people you are going to be working with for years to come, if done correctly.

You don’t want everyone. Trust me. You want people who are hungry and coachable.

So keep you posture throughout the process and most likely you’ll end up with the right people on your team. 

If there is someone who is positive, but you’re not sure if they are a good fit for you. Maybe you don’t know if they will be coachable, or if they’re hungry, it’s okay to ask them.

Tell them, 


“I only work with people who are coachable and hungry. I make it my goal to help them reach their goals and if they are not willing to learn, they won’t have the type of success they were expecting and it’s just a waste of time for both of us. So are you coachable and hungry?”


So was this helpful? Did you get value from this episode? Leave a comment here or shoot me a DM on Facebook or Instagram to let me know your ah ha moments. Also, feel free to let me know what you're having trouble with in your business. I'd love to help you! Let's do this together.


As my uncle Graham always says, “life is not a dress rehearsal” let’s make this one count my friend!


Until next week, Take care of yourself! xx

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