Are you jumping the gun on your close, or stalling out? Episode #19

improve your closing ratio postioning Dec 15, 2022
improve your closing ratio with building your network marketing business as a single parent

Are you jumping the gun on your close, or stalling out?

Episode #19

 How is your closing ratio?

Are you reaching out to people, filling your pipeline, being postured as we covered last week and the week before in episodes 17 & 18?

Yet, people are STILL not going your way? They’re still not joining or buying from you.

Then it’s time to check your positioning.

What I mean by this is, what position is your prospect in?


Position 0 Cold market - you don’t know them, they don’t know you.

Position 1 is someone who knows you.

Position 2 is they are open to taking a look

Position 3 is they watched, or went through your exposure tool (whatever you and your support team uses that grabs their attention)

Position 4 is they like what they heard or saw and want to go to the next step. 

Position 5 you follow up and pop the question

Position 6 go through the ordering / sign up process

Position 7 have them go through your teams onboarding process

Position 8 help them duplicate what you just did with them


If you know how to drive a stick shift,  you know you can’t go from 1st gear to 5th. It’s too big of a jump.  Your engine will lag. You’ll be pressing the gas pedal and not going anywhere. You have go back down to 2nd gear and work your way up to 5th gear.


This is the exact same thing.


If you jump to position 5 without going through 1-4, your prospect will not be on the same page as you. You will come off as being spammy, desperate, pushy…nothing good will come out of it. They will not join or buy from you.

Same goes for if you stay in one position for too long. If you’re getting on the freeway and you have your car still in 3rd gear, your engine will rev out and possibly blow a head gasket.

Often times we get to position 3 and either never follow up, or keep giving them more and more videos to watch, posts to read, calls to tune into, etc. Never getting them to position 4, which is your ace in the hole by the way. 

No matter how positive they were, if you don’t stay on top of your follow up, or bombard them with information overload, you’re not moving them up in position and they will not join or buy from you.


Let’s quickly break down each position:


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Position 0 - They don’t know you, you don’t know them. You have 2 options here:

  1. You can forge a genuine relationship with them. Get to know them. They get to know you. This takes quite a bit of time, especially to form a genuine connection, not just a “I’m getting to know you so I can pitch you” connection.
  2. You can cold marketing message them and jump to position 2. This is the only time it’s okay to skip a position. You can check out Episode 13 to learn how to do this effectively.


Position 1 is simple - You have a relationship with them of some sort. They already know like and trust you.


Position 2 you have sent them a message, or talked to them and asked them if they’d be open to taking a look at how you’re helping people make money through social media, or whatever it is for your company and give them an out- If not, no big deal at all. 

For the product you know that would help them, you’d ask them if they’d be open to checking out your product that will finally alleviate their joint pain, or whatever your product will do for themIf not, no big deal at all.


Position 3 - every company has a different exposure tool, usually a video. When exposing a person to your opportunity,  your video  should be less than 15min, but longer than 5min. If it’s less than 5, they aren’t getting enough information to make Position #4 effective. You’ll end up going from Position 4 back to 3 again and giving them something else to review. Longer than 15 min, they won’t watch it and you’ll be caught the follow up trap of asking them if they’ve watched it yet. You’ll stall out in position 3.

Once they have watched the video, immediately move to Position 4.


Position 4 - this is where your support team comes in. Your support team are the 2, 3 or 4 people who are where you want to be with your company, or they are well on their way. You connect your prospect with them immediately following position 3. 

I highly recommend connecting them to your support team through Facebook messenger. It’s way easier than trying to line up and work around everyone’s schedule to connect on a 3 way call or a zoom.

Make the introductions. Edify your support team to your prospect and then let them take the conversation away. 3rd party validation is priceless! (Check out episode 5 - don’t be a loan ranger - to learn how to identify and work efficiently with your support team)

If you get your prospect to this position, your chances of getting them to buy or join you sky rocket!

Which leads to Positions 5.


Position 5 is where you ask them the ultimate question. If you went through all of the positions, you’d then give them the options to join and ask “Which option would you like to get started with, I got started with xyz because xyz reason (most value, better selection of products, etc)?”. By telling them which package you started with, that helps them decide how they should start. More often than not, they’ll do what you did.

If they aren’t quite ready and have more questions, fall back to position 4.


Position 6 Give them clear instructions on how to place their order. If need be, walk them through it on the phone. Not every company has an easy to navigate website and order process. You want to make this as easy of a process as possible without doing it for them.


Always remember this pro tip: Every interaction with your prospect is doubling as their training. When they join your team, they will do the same thing with their prospects that you did with them…good or bad, so my strong advice is, follow a system. Use your tools. Go through the positions.

Why, because it’s duplicatable.


Position 7 help them go through the onboarding process. Don’t have them go through absolutely everything. They just need to know enough to get them into action. You and your support team will help fill in the gaps in the beginning.

If they get bogged down learning all the ins and outs, they won’t get started and they’ll lose the momentum they had when they signed up.


Which brings us to Position 8 - Help them duplicate the exact process you put them through. I like to help any new partner get a customer within the first 24hrs. Help them get into action. The best way to do this is for you to be very clear on what they want out of their new career with you and why they want it. Then ask them how serious are they about achieving that on a scale of 1-10. If they are an 8 or higher, they have just given you permission to help drive them into action and into success.


Rinse and repeat my friend.


Building a network marketing business is very simple. Don’t over complicate it.

Just do the same thing day in and day out. 

Put people in position and moving them to the next position until they are duplicating you, or they tell you “no”. 



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As my uncle Graham always says, “life is not a dress rehearsal” let’s make this one count my friend!


Until next week, Take care of yourself! xx


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