Want to Speed Up Your Results? Episode #20

speed up your results Dec 22, 2022
Build your network marketing business faster, quicker, better.

Want to Speed Up Your Results? #20 

There is 1 thing that will create real speed in your business and it’s probably not what you think. 

It’s not the latest and greatest system, or a way to get qualified leads, or the new social media algorithm…it’s your perspective. 

It’s where you spend the majority of your time in your mind. 


Perspective is the amount of time you spend in a position or a thought -

Here’s an Example of having a negative perspective - 

“this is hard” 

“I look stupid” 

“I can’t do this” 

“I’m stuck” 

“I’m overwhelmed”


You can Change your perspective in 2 steps 


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Now, here’s how to Change your perspective in 2 steps 


#1 - Change how you describe it -

Example - 

Instead of “I look stupid” say “I’m not going to notice my missteps” 

Instead of “I can’t do this” say “I’m not going acknowledge or recognize my feeling of lack or not good enough” 

Instead of “I’m stuck (or overwhelmed)” say “I’m not going to give energy to the feelings of being stuck (or overwhelmed)”

Note: We are so conscientious about how we talk to others, We are even nice to complete strangers in the grocery store, yet, for some reason, we do not extend that same curtesy to ourselves. We would never tell someone “you’re not good enough, you should just quit, you can’t do this, you look stupid”

Yet, we tell ourselves negative statements all the time.

That has to stop… NOW!

Our Self Talk is incredibly important, especially when shifting your perspective. Your self talk also cues people in on how to treat you. 

You’ll find, if you are very negative with yourself and hard on yourself, you’ll most likely attract people who won’t treat you the way you want to be treated, why, because they are getting their cues from you. 

Look back at your past relationships, you’ll see the pattern. I know I sure do. Every guy I dated and even the one I married, cheated on me and was abusive. I thought my “picker” was just broken. Turns out, they were all taking their cues on how to treat me from how I treated myself.

My friend, this took me decades to understand. Please don’t let it take you another minute.

You are an awesome, amazing person who deserves nothing but the best in all areas of your life.

Okay…moving on…


#2 - this is the magic…Pour speed onto where you want to be by Visualizing yourself there - doing it - having the result you want - the success you want - the Experiences you want - 


So, what is it that you want from your network marketing career? I mean what do you really really want if there wasn’t anything holding you back, the Sky’s the limit…What is it?


Once you are crystal clear on that, I mean 1000% clear, then ask yourself - 

What would it look like? - 

 What’s the rank?

 How many people will be on your team?

 How many customers will you have?

 What’s the residual income? 

 How much do you want to make every month, every year?


Next, ask yourself:

How will I know it’s true?

Would people recognize your accomplishment’s? Maybe your upline and your company would congratulate you on your accomplishments. 

Maybe your team would be seeing tremendous success themselves. 

Maybe you would know it’s true because your family would be so proud of you.

Is there a big bonus you’d receive by achieving what you really really want? 

Maybe an award and they’d present it to you at the next large convention. 

Maybe you would know it’s true because for the first time in years and years, you don’t feel the financial stress. You check your mail regularly, versus ignoring it because you know there’s bills in there that you can’t pay. Now you check your mail and pay your bills on time, every time without having to juggle which bill you pay this month and which bill can wait until next month. You go to the grocery store and buy what you want versus just what you need and you don’t buy just the items that are on sale. 


Last question to ask yourself:

How would that make me feel? 

Would it feel, Empowering! Freeing! Like the shackles have finally come off! - 

That’s how I felt and I can’t wait for you to feel that too! 

There is nothing like it.

Especially when you are at your company’s biggest convention of the year and you look around the room and realize that most of the people there are in your organization. It’s enough to give you goosebumps and bring tears to your eyes.

Would you feel such a tremendous amount of relief and satisfaction? 

Be overcome by a tremendous amount of gratitude and appreciation for your team and family. Would your heart be full?


Now, here’s what you do.

Before going to sleep- take a couple minutes every night and go through Step 1 and Step 2


Step 1 - Change how you talk about your current circumstances - Change the language.

Example: “I am not stuck. I have a clear vision and focus. I have positive momentum in all areas of my life and I am helping thousands of people around the world live the life that they and their children deserve”


Step 2 - Visualize every night -

What would it look like?

How will I know when I have it?

How will that make me feel?


Choose not to dip into that lack or negative mindset, move to the creation of what you want.


Every continuous thought we have is a unit of energy. Therefore we gain energy by knocking out thoughts that don’t serve us because they occupy brain space.

You either Release or Tackle your thoughts. Don’t hold onto the thoughts that will not serve you and where you want to be.


MOST IMPORTANT - Create the memories of your future!

See it

Feel it

Smell it

Be it - Be in it

It has happened - 


Use polarity only to create the perspective you want to live into, but don’t hang out with the negative, simply use it only as a comparison.


So my friend, don’t dwell on the negative - don’t pay attention to the missteps. Speak as kindly to yourself as you do a stranger in the grocery store. And create the memories of your future.

Be sure to do Steps 1 & 2 every night and you’ll be surprised how quickly things will click into place for you.


So was this helpful? Did you get value from this episode? I’d love to hear from you. Let’s connect on Facebook or  Instagram, links are in the show notes and on our site www.spspcommunity.com.  


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I'm here to help you. That's what I do I'm here to help single parents build the home business they want, so they can live the life they truly deserve. I will help you go from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed to being crystal clear focused and successful so you can be the present parent you really want to be.


As my uncle Graham always says, “life is not a dress rehearsal” let’s make this one count my friend!


Until next week, Take care of yourself! xx

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