Best Way to Win in 2023 - Interview with Jeff Weisberg

how to set yourself up to win in 2023 set 2023 up to be your best year yet Jan 04, 2023
winning in 2023 interview with Jeff Weisberg in Network Marketing. How to  set yourself up to win in 2023 as a single parent in network marketing

Best way to Win in 2023 - Interview with Jeff Weisberg - “The Hero of Network Marketing” Episode #22 

Well I have a very special treat for us for all of us. 

We are kicking our year off with advice and wisdom from a dear friend of mine Jeff Weisberg. 


He is an entrepreneur, a dad, a life changer, influencer, travel enthusiast, and the hero of network marketing. 


Jeff's career, in this industry, began when he was 19 years old and you name it, he’s been through it. 


When his 2 boys were 4 and 6, he became a single dad with 100% custody.

He went from being able to travel the world building his business, to being a full-time mom and dad. 


Jeff quickly learned how to adjust and build his business in and around his new lifestyle.

Jeff, just like myself and many of you, wanted to be a hands on dad, but also had to financially provide for his family.


He figured it out. He was able to volunteer at his children's school. Coach 26 different teams. Took his boys to and from school. Plus build a multi million dollar, international Network Marketing company with a team exceeding 250,000 people and impacting millions. 


Jeff’s children are now about the same age as mine, they're in their twenties and super successful. In fact, his youngest son, Josh and Taylor my oldest daughter were born a day apart at the same hospital. So Jeff was actually in my delivery room for a little while, so we go way back. LOL 

We are going to talk about mindset and what it really takes to  have an impact on people around the world. 

The impact starts first at home, with our own family and to be able live the life that we and our children truly deserve.


Here’s the transcript of the interview…


Jeff Weisberg:


Thanks Sam appreciate being on here and good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you guys might be listening in from. I live in Sarasota Florida but now I am in Oxnard, California, it's kind of an interesting situation. 

My parents are getting older. They're not doing too well.  Because of network marketing I always learned early in my career, you build your business around your lifestyle. Not your lifestyle around your business. That mindset has made it possible for me to turn a three-week trip into three months so I can be  here, taking care of them. 

Thanks for having me on. It's a pleasure. Yeah I've known Sam for a long long time. I remember when she and my ex-wife were in the hospital together a day apart. My son her daughter and literally their rooms were right next to each other pretty funny and then they ended up meeting each other in high school. And through talking through friends they realized who they actually were and didn't even know it when they heard the story. They couldn't believe it! Such a small world.


I love what you're doing with the Single Parent SuperPower I mean I'll tell you my story real quick. I started the industry when I was 19 years old got involved with a company called Amway everybody's probably heard of them.




You know, growing up. My dad was very successful in the life insurance business and taught me go to school get good grades and have your own business. He taught me about residual income and I learned about life insurance, but it didn't really turn me on then, obviously now I'm older I think about it differently but didn't really turn me on that much then as a career, but residual income did. 


A friend of mine took me in September of 1979 to an Amway meeting here in California at the Civic Center and I walked into this meeting. I'm nineteen years old and these guys are all dressed in suits and ties and there's a chalkboard, the old days when they used chalk. They're drawing these circles and talking about duplication and residual income. I went home that night and I was looking up on the ceiling. All I saw was circles and I said “wow!”, but really it wasn't the money it was more the lifestyle. I saw the lifestyle these people had and that night I drank the kool-aid and boom, I was all in! 


I was going to college, and doing somewhat decent with Amway. I then soon got involved with a company called Old World. Dropped out of college. Had some more success there. Met a gentleman named Ken Makovic who, at 21 years old now, took me under his wings. I learned a bunch of things. Unfortunately that company didn't really make it. 


Then I got involved with Herbalife, here in Southern California, there I had an opportunity to spend time, personal time and met Mark Hughs and Larry Thompson and I'm a now 23 year old kid and boom, I mean it exploded!

I was blessed and became one of the top 50 in the world in Herbalife in the early 1980’s.


I had my own airplanes, cars, traveling. I'm taking the concord going to London and I was just rolling. Huge success but then Herbalife had some issues and again. Nobody thought those things would happen. We think it's just going to go well, like this  in network marketing. Nothing goes always goes well and continues to grow, network marketing or not. It kind of took a crash and I had gotten out of the industry from 1985 till about 1992.


I got out of network marketing. I was kind of discouraged that my dream was gone. 


Then I got back into the business with a friend of mine who's probably, if not the top, he’s one of the top all time earners in the history of network marketing around the world. He's still with that company. 


He's been involved with them for thirty plus years. 


I went over to Europe with him and got back in the industry and just went to town and have pretty much been in it ever since. 


I've had my own company. I've consulted for companies. Been a distributor. Supplied companies. You name it.  


I just feel that the industry, it's changed a lot, but the industry for a person, part-time to make a huge income part time or the above average person to make an above average income is great.


You know the concepts that people are learning and the things like I've learned early in my career, when we didn't have all this technology, I mean it's still crazy for me. I'm 62 years young and to be able to sit here stare at a laptop computer in California for free on wi-fi. You know Sam's on the other side and people all over the world get to hear this for free! Where when I started back in 1979, it was suits and ties a telephone that you walk around, forget about. Internet what's internet? I can run my business and my life right here I mean this phone right here does more than what computers did in the white house fifty years ago. It's just mind boggling and so technologies change the industry but the concepts are the same.


During that time, I became a single parent like Sam had said. My boys were four and a half and six. I had my business going. Things were going well. 


I ended up becoming a full-time dad and you know sometimes you're not ready for things that hit you in life. I had to step it up. You know I had to start drinking all this kool-aid of all the personal growth and the positive attitude and for things to change you have to change for things to get better. You have to get better. I had to look in the mirror and say “Jeff, I guess now it's time to step it up”. 


My focus was my boys so I had to learn how to delegate my time and time management. And like I said earlier, I learned early in my career that you want to build your business around your lifestyle. Not your lifestyle around your business. 


My boys were I focus and I had to learn to delegate and I had to learn time management and I had to step it up. 


In the morning I helped them get ready and when they were in school, I worked the business. I got them home, coached sports teams like Sam said because that was important to me. It wasn't the money, it was a lifestyle and then when they'd go to bed I'd get back on the phones (You know obviously they weren't these phones they were the kind of phones that you couldn't walk too far because they were connected to a wall) and built the business and have been blessed.


Now I've been to 51 countries. Built businesses around the world. My son's traveled internationally with me as well as well as domestically with me now they're 23 and 24. My younger son lives in Miami doing fintech sales. He went to the University of Miami. My older son's a cpa which is pretty funny because in that story I didn't tell I dropped out of college to do amway full-time. He's now a cpa living in san diego and, you know I'm blessed and it's because of the industry and because of things I learned early in my career from guys like Ken Makovic, Larry Thompson and others as well as what I learned from my father obviously as a very young man.


Samantha Gamble:

Yeah it's so true. Well you look at my children. Taylor graduated from Ucla lives in Manhattan, NY now and is a Biotech recruiter. Danielle's in her third year at Chapman and you know our stories are so similar. If it wasn't for the network marketing industry, God knows how our children would have turned out. Being that hands-on parent I think is so crucial and so important and that's why I've developed the SPSP Community as well as the Single Parent SuperPower Podcast, because I was reflecting that it was such a luxury that we were able to financially provide for our families but yet also be that stay at home parent. It was a win-win scenario that most people think to provide for your family, especially as a single parent, you have to go out get a job, which nothing wrong with that at all, but the single parent guilt is real. You want to be home with your family and through network marketing is the best way and the easiest way to do that. 


We talked earlier, before we started recording, about strategies and tactics and the how tos and the here's what you need to do and all of that stuff. What you said was pretty profound. It is really not the how to stuff or the step-by step stuff. 

Why don't you talk about that because that always changes.


But what is our real job? What do we need to have control over? What do we have to do to have the type of success, even half the amount of success that you've had, which everyone would be happy with.


Jeff Weisberg:


Well I mean that's a great question Sam I think you know number 1 is people kind of get all tied up into where do I go? What do I do? What do I say? You know I learned early in my career from Larry Thompson - concepts stay constant techniques change -. 


If you spend a lot of time learning how to do a fax blast (back in the day), or how to work an auto dialer or how to run ads in the newspaper nobody does that anymore. I mean some of your audience probably doesn't even know what a fax machine is I remember when the fax machine came out and I said wow you could take a sheet of paper and put it through and on the other end it can come out the person can see it.


I know I sound stupid saying that today because you can do it in 2 seconds but that's what it's like. So if you get focused on all those techniques imagine if you spent a lot of time learning about myspace? Where's myspace today? People get hooked on what do I say on Facebook, or Instagram, or snapchat, or Tiktok, or Linkedin. 


Those are the current kind of things people are using. 5 years from now those are all going to be like myspace. I mean who in your audience uses myspace today, but I know plenty of people that learned about it. 


Google adwords is another one. They try to learn all these techniques. At the end of the day you have to learn the fundamentals which are applicable to any product. Any service. Any company. Any country. Learn the fundamentals that can be used in network marketing or out of network marketing. I've taken a lot of these things I learned in millionaire training, for example, and used it outside of network marketing because I think most people today are trying to figure out, “well, how do I do a Facebook live and is the lighting good back here and is my hair okay”, which I get concerned about often does it look okay? Do I have to buff up my bald head? 😄 


Samantha Gamble:

Your hair looks amazing by the way it does looks amazing. 😆 


Jeff Weisberg:


Is the lighting good? What's the background like? What am I wearing? What do I say? They get all concerned and all of that means nothing. 


At the end of the day, all you have to have is:


#1 A burning desire. That's the first thing. People have to want it. You to have be hungry number. 


#2 Willingness to work. I mean you know the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary unless you win the lottery or you're from the lucky sperm club and you end up inheriting a bunch of money. Last time I checked, it takes some work.


#3 Be teachable. I believe that ahead of us people have done what we want. They've already made the mistakes and they've made the errors. So do I want to sit here and go spend hours trying to figure it out on my phone or the internet, or do I want to find somebody like you, Sam who's got a system in place that I can just plug and play and learn from because you spent the time, the money, the effort to develop it. 


So I've been blessed to have great mentors. A mentor can lead you through because he or she's at the other end already so he or she knows where there's the fork in the road. Where there's the hole in the road, or where there's a stop sign. 

Most people today don't want to get the coach to help them work out. They don't want to get the coach for the mindset. They don't want to get the coach to help them with their business, their daily method of operation. They want to try to do it themselves. My dad used to tell me, “a wise man learns from the mistakes of others and a fool learns from his own or her own”. 


I think mindset's important. I don't think it matters where you came from. I think it matters where you're going. 

I mean I'm a dropped out of college to do network marketing and I have a son who's a cpa. I don't even know how to balance my own checkbook and this kid's a cpa, so it doesn't matter what your past is, your future and where you want to go is the only thing that matters. 


Think about it. You have people today that are not just Billionaires, their net worth is one hundred or two hundred billion and a billion is a thousand million! I mean the abundance of money is out there today and the abundance of resources out there today is unbelievable. 


Some people think that if I win you lose. You know if you win I lose no, there's abundance everywhere. You can have what you want but you have to see it here. 


Bob Proctor, another mentor of mine, used to always talk about the paradigm shift. He used to say if you can see it in your mind you can see it your hand. Everything we have whether it's this iphone that somebody thought of, the laptop or pc you're on, a can of sparkling water, these glasses, anything and everything was thought before it was here. Network marketing isn’t any  different. You have to see where you want to go with your product or service. You have to see where you want to go financially and then you have to book in when you're going to do it. 


It's a simple business. It's not easy, but none of these businesses are easy. Sometimes we get all wrapped up into this “oh network marketing is easy”. No, it's simple. It's not easy. People also wonder if they can do it part time. Yes, you can, but it depends what you're doing part time. 


Time management's the key. 


Am I going through social media to see what everybody else is doing or am I posting on social media. 

Am I organizing my desk and my shelves and dusting off my warehouse or am I making phone calls. 

Am I sending out emails. 

Am I sending text messages. 

Today the business with technology, Sam is so much easier than the old days. We used to mail stuff to people. I know some people don't use mail anymore. We used to send you the product. I'd have to go to the post office send it to you, wait untill you got it. I'm going to send you a video. Send it to you and wait until you get it. 

Today, in 2 seconds I can literally go in in 10 minutes, text twenty friends with a link to my product, service or company and so all the techniques are going to change. I don't know people here if they're familiar with what the metaverse is you know Facebook changed their name to meta the virtual world that's coming. You know the virtual reality glasses and all that ar vr I mean that's the future. People are going to be living in this outer space virtual reality, the metaverse and it's already starting so Facebook, it's going to be my space. 

Why do you think they changed their name, I mean Mark Zuckerberg is no Dummy. You know Instagram, snapchat, Tiktok, that's all going to pass. 

You know the thing that Wayne Gretzky used to say is “the reason I'm the greatest hockey player of all time is I didn't see the where it is, I anticipated where the puck was going”.


I need to know where the puck's going in order to get the puck and the goal. Same thing in life. Don't look at what happened in the past, focusing on myspace and learning Facebook is stupid. Where are we going tomorrow and the next day and I think people get caught up, like you said, in the in the the techniques versus the the concepts. Because concepts like, I said stay constant techniques change.


Samantha Gamble:

True. You're absolutely right. I mean I look at how I did the business before. We did the home parties. I put flyers on cars. I was the queen of three way calls. I was the 3 way master. But because I was working my business in around my kids, I couldn't travel all the time. I couldn't go to people's homes and do home parties. I couldn't do it, so I did three-way calls and now it's Facebook group chat. So the activity is still the same so our job is still to talk to people, expose people that's it. How we do it is going to change next year from what it is today. Last year on Tiktok, people were having their reels go viral. They would wake up and they would have a ton of customer orders. That's a thing of the past already and that was just last year. 


I remember there was a story, you and I both had the same mentor Larry Thompson, and when you were in Herbalife, you were doing really well. You had your plane and everything, you were making a ton of money, but it was flat. You weren't increasing and you wanted to go to the next level and you got frustrated. You called Larry to get some mentorship as to why your business wasn't growing. I would love for you to share what great mentorship, what the answer was that you got, for your business being flat. It was very successful mind you but it was just flat, wasn't going anywhere.


Jeff Weisberg:

Yeah, it's pretty funny now that you bring that up. Yeah, so I'm in my early twenties. I have a big business in Herbalife. I was making a lot of money. My business was, like you said, kind of flat. So I call up LT one day and I'm like "you know, I don't know it's just not growing I don't know what's wrong I can't figure this out. How do I take it to the next level”. I mean I was doing well, but I was in the top 50, I wanted to be in the top 10 and we were a big big company. We were doing sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety million a month back then. 

LT says, “oh no problem” says to me. “Do me a favor go out and get your calendar”. 

And again I know nobody knows what a paper calendar is now days, but in the old days we used to use a calendar. Now everything's on your phone or your computer. 

He then says “go to last Monday” now he's baiting me and I don't even see it coming. 

“Go to last Monday” I said “okay”. 

He says “how many people did you talk to about the product of the opportunity?” 

Let me backtrack a second Sam. Our business, we get paid for doing 1 of 2 things. Either we are talking about the product or we are talking about the opportunity product or service. That's all we get paid for. We didn't don't get paid for watching social media. We don't get paid for posting social media, cleaning the shelves, or organizing our calendar. We get paid for talking to people about the product and service and about the opportunity. I learned from Larry, SINALOA - Safety In Numbers And Law Of Averages. You talk to a few people you make a few dollars. You talk to a lot of people you get rich.


The only difference between a brand new person and a successful person is, a brand new person hasn't talked to anybody yet. The successful person has talked to dozens, hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands depending on how long they've been doing it. 


So, I pull out my calendar and he said “how many people did you talk to about the product of the opportunity on Monday” 

I remember I had spent the day with my mom and we were doing some stuff and I said “well really nobody because I was out with my mom” and I forgot, I mean this is back in 1984 but we were doing something I told him. 

He said “okay, no problem”. 

He said “go to Tuesday” 

I had a buddy that was in town I said “well Tuesday I spent the day with my buddy who was in town and we were hanging out and doing some stuff”

Then I went to Wednesday and I had another excuse or something, which I forgot. 

Remember, I didn't have this iPhone, I’m holding on to a phone with a cord. So the phones let's say here on the desk and I'm holding onto the phone. For those of you who don’t know Larry Thompson, he was an ex long haired hippie construction worker before Herbalife, and he said to me “do me a favor and don't fxxxing ever call me again until the calendar's full!” and he slammed the phone down and literally it was ringing in my ears because you can imagine your old phone, bam! 

It's ringing in my ears and I said to myself “that s.o.b just hung up on me” I hung the phone up and I'm like wow.  

I realized though, he was 100% right. See I was managing. I had the big group, making the big money, doing great and I was in the management mode.


I wasn't in the building mode and I realized I was not doing anything. I didn't talk to anybody. Well, if you don't talk to people your business how is it going to grow. This is called network marketing not do nothing marketing and that hit me. This was 1984, telling the story in 2022 almost 2023 okay 2023. Mind blowing. It affected me, but it didn't change where do I go? What do I do? What do I say? It didn't change the product, the opportunity. It changed me, the mindset and from that point on I always learned that you may not talk to 10 twenty thirty people a day but you need to be consistent every day. If somebody said talk to fifty people a week, you don't talk to 50 people one day. Go talk to 10 people for five days, or 8 people for six days, or whatever the numbers are don't do it all once be consistent. Like working out. Don't go to the gym 3 hours today and never show up the rest of the year. You work out a little bit every day and that was a concept I learned from him. To this day, I put my head on the pillow at night and I think of my day. 

Well right off the bat, did I do anything or did I spend time on social media, bs with friends going out to lunch. If you’re doing this, then what do you expect? 


LT also taught me, Sam, that you know there's a thing called momentum, just like in sports. 

What you do today doesn't show up today. It shows up tomorrow. 

What you do this week shows up next week. 

What you do this month shows up next month. 

Where you end your year shows the following year. 

Where you start your year shows the next year.

It's all about getting that momentum going and lifting the weights and if you do a little bit of consistency, a little, don't try to kill yourself. A little. It grows and grows and you develop momentum and again network marketing is no different than any conventional business. It has all the benefits by far but you still have to work. You still have to talk to people about your product. 


The internet is not going to do the talking for you. You know a newspaper ad is not going to do the talking for you. Flyers like you had mentioned that we used to put on a car, is not going to do talking for you. Fax broadcast is not going to do talking for you. You know Facebook lives are not going to, you still have to talk to people. I think today, Sam, too many people are hiding behind this camera and hide behind this iphone and they think, oh let me go send a bunch of text messages and let me go follow a bunch of people on social media and just sit back and the phone rings. 

No, that's like running an ad that doesn't get a response. I mean you still have to be proactive. Social media today is running the ads in the old days.


You know, social media today is the billboards of the old days or like you said putting flyers on the cars. That story with Larry Thompson, it's still in my brain. All these years later because it had an impact and that's again, what you talked about. He didn't  say to me “oh go do this, go do that, talk this say that” no.

It was about the Concepts the mindset.


Samantha Gamble:

So true. It rings true still today and you're right people do hide behind the social media and all the new algorithms and all the stuff. We're still in the relationship business. It's about building relationships and impacting people's lives. You know if somebody has joint pain and you have a product that cures joint pain, then who are you to keep it a secret, right? It's up to you to tell them that you have the answer if someone's struggling financially you have you have the answer in your mouth. You have what they need, so who are we to keep it to ourselves and just hide behind social media and say “well they need it but hopefully they see my post on on a Facebook and then they'll know to contact me”, you know we have to be proactive. We have to expose and that's still the nature of our business after all the years you've been in the business, that part has not changed. How you do it changes and it will always change, but that's the most important part. 

Also you when you talked about, it’s network marketing, not do nothing marketing. You also talk about it's not network business either. It's network marketing. So why? Can you talk about that real quick?


Jeff Weisberg:

Well I mean I think now there's a lot of noise on the internet. There are a lot of companies. A lot of products. You have Amazon. You have all this competition. What you've have to do is  brand yourself. 

You know I've always been a firm believer that you don't want to be the All State guy, or the Farmers guy, or the AAA guy ,or the State Farm guy.


You want to be you. You want to be the marketing girl or marketing guy. You want to brand yourself. You know people don't buy products they buy people. So at the end of the day they're going to do business with people they like, they trust and they respect. If nobody knows who you are, why should they buy your product from you, if 50 people are selling the same soda water. Why should I buy yours or better yet, why should I buy from you if I don't even know who you are? If I see this person who is always out there and I see them, I relate with them, there’s believability, they're positive, I like where they're going and they're vulnerable, I'm probably going to buy from Them. 


You know the other thing about social media is nobody's ever have a bad day. Everybody's hair is always perfect with the lighting and the filters are there.


Look at me…Here’s me next to my yacht, my G 5, in this car and that house and pardon my French Sam, but most of it's all bullshit. You know everybody has a bad day I don't care if you're a billionaire or you're broke. You know everybody has bad days and everybody has marital issues and everybody has children issues and everybody has bad days, but with social media sometimes we end up comparing ourselves. “Oh man look at him, look at her, wish I could look like her, look like him, make money like him.” 

If you look at successful athletes. I'm a big basketball guy. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, 3 of the greatest in the history of basketball. They didn't compare themselves to others or listen to them. They compared themselves to them and you never know, just because some guy has a yacht, you don't know if he's working like a who know what just to pay for it. Someone has a jet, you don't know if it's his. You don't know if he rented it for the day. You don't know if it's his friends. You just don’t know.


People project this lifestyle which, a lot of times, isn't true and so I think what you have to do is you have to really realize that you have to expose yourself and be vulnerable. 


You have to be you. People can relate with you being you, because everybody has bad hair days except me, since I’m bald. Everybody has days they wake up feeling like crap. Everybody has arguments with their husbands or their wives or their boyfriends or girlfriends. My parents have been married 66 years, are connected like glue, still. Do they argue? Of course, yet they can't live without each other. 66 years. So to think that they never had an argument that's the dumbest thing I ever heard. To think you'd never wake up with a bad day. To think that you don't have people quit and cancel the product, or cancel the service, or get never going, or leave and go somewhere else. I mean that's the real world and if you're vulnerable people go “wow even she had this problem, even he had this problem”. “Ah wow even she yelled at her daughter her son, or he yelled at his daughter or son”, or “wow they've been married for ages and they had an argument on social media. They look like they're perfect”. 

I think vulnerability and exposing the vulnerability people relate with. 

When Lebron James promotes this water, for example, we all know he's getting paid.


We're not all Lebron James, but when a “normal person” who we can relate to, has kids, maybe doesn’t, maybe their kids do sports like we do, works out like we do, has hobbies like we do and he or she talks about this drink, we can relate to that person. But if I never see that person and I don't know that person, how am I going to know that he or she markets that product or that service and so I think exposure is the important thing, but vulnerability is even more important.

You know we all make mistake. We all have bad days. We all have health problems. We all have issues in our relationship. 

The thing is, you focus on not where you are, Wayne Gretzky, but where you want to go. 

So if it's a marriage issue, or a family issue, or a child issue, how do we fix this? I think resolving things instead of brushing them underneath the carpet is better, and hey the word, I'm sorry Larry Thompson once told me, if you want to stay married a long time, all you have to do is say ‘yes dear no problem’. ‘Yes, dear, no problem’. 

Now we're laughing about that, but most guys won't do that. You know we're too cool. ‘Yes, dear, no problem’. I always laugh about that and again here's a guy who's in his seventies, a guru in network marketing, and he's been married twenty plus years. You know, you can always learn these things, but vulnerability is the best because we all make mistakes. I don't care how rich you are, how smart you are, how beautiful you are. Vulnerability is important and just like what you're doing here helping parents, single parents, is great.


It was so funny because I started thinking about this when we started this talking about me being a guest on your podcast - 

I used to go and coach my boys sports teams. I'd be out there coaching their teams and you know you occasionally had a dad out there with us, but it was all the moms hanging out. I was able to go work in the classroom up until my boys went to high school. My boys didn’t want me volunteering in their class when they were in high school. No kid wants that. Lol 

It was just me and all the moms volunteering.


It was totally different. I'm with all these moms, usually you hear about single moms, you don't hear about single dads, but network marketing levels the playing field. You and I Sam, and I'm not saying it's right, but if we both try to get the same job in Corporate America, they're going to pay me more because I'm a man. Unfortunately that's how it is. I don't make the rules. I never had a job, but that's how it is, but we get in a network marketing and yes, some of the top people might be the guys sometimes, but the masses in Network marketing, the masses okay, are women because a woman can get in and make more than a guy and in most cases they do.

And so you know being a single parent, your responsibility, yes I know everybody wants money, but it's your kids, it’s your family first and then money. I said when I saw Amway, yes I wanted to make money, we all want to be gazillionaires, but it was the lifestyle. To me, spending time with my kids. Putting my kids through college. Traveling the world with my kids. You can't put that on a balance sheet, but it's the the magic moments. It's the time you're spending with your family or people that are important to you, that’s more important to me. 

Other people are different, they may want all the things, but at the end of the day, we shared this about your your father passing away recently and again I'm sorry about that my thoughts and prayers and condolences go out to you again, but you know I'm dealing with it now about with my folks and the time I'm spending with my parents. We're not talking about remember that house, remember that coat, remember that bag, remember that car, remember those shoes. No, you're talking about more important things and I think Network marketing. Um, we kind of get hooked on the money and the things too much instead of the lifestyle and time freedom. People are use to not having time freedom or money, that’s the norm for the masses. But having money and time, that's what network marketing can do for you.


Samantha Gamble:

Oh yeah, I think about today's day and age I think, I truly, my personal belief, is that children today, even more so than ever, our children, even though our kids are still super young in comparison they're in their twenties, but I think young children today, they really need a parent at home. A parent who knows their friends. They're the house that everyone comes to to hang hangs out, because you know, without that, if you're always gone at a job, and yes you have to keep the lights on, you have put food on the table, I get it, but unfortunately, if you're a single parent, you’re doing that, your kids are home alone. You don't know who they're hanging out with and there's some scary stuff out there now. I mean when we were kids, I mean shoot, we might have had too much to drink and we got sick. Nowadays they try something one time and they could die with some of the stuff out there. I mean not saying that being a stay at home parent that's never going to happen, I'm not saying that, but I just look at the forks in the road that your sons and my girls had to face and I think, if we weren't that, hands- on, stay at home parent, I think the likelihood of them going down a different road is very high not that we were fantastic, perfect parents, because I sure as heck wasn’t, I was ‘on the job training’.

‘Ah, oops sorry kid I messed up on that one’. We do our best and you know, therapy is for the rest. Lol  

I don't know, but I think if we weren't that hands on parent, thank god for network marketing, I mean, you talk about dropping out of college I went to community college for two weeks and


Jeff Weisberg:

Um, two weeks wow it's impressive. Lol


Samantha Gamble:

Yeah, that was it, but so anyway, I really think it, is in today's day and age, I think that the opportunity of network marketing is so perfect, especially with the economic climate. I don' know about you, but I made the most amount of money whenever there was a downturn in the economy. So, the timing is great. The whole social environment the timing couldn't be better for network marketing and social media, yes, all those platforms are all going to change, but what that has done, is opened up the floodgates where before we could only talk to the people that we were around, or that we had a phone number for. Now it you're exposed to millions of people around the entire world. So I mean that has been amazing. 


What I want to do, if I could, is you know it's the first week of 2023 when this airs and I wanted you to be the absolute first episode for 2023 because I would like for you to set people up so they can win for 2023 and then we'll go ahead and close it out with that. 


I just think that being realistic with their expectations, but setting them up, having those big goals, but knowing how to break it down quarter by quarter, fix and refine, so that they can really just smash it 2023 and finally live the life that they and their children truly truly deserve.



Jeff Weisberg:

Okay, well I think there's a couple things. A new year is a new year, but most people write down goals once, they read it 2, 3, 4 times. 

I'm going to join the gym. 

I'm going to lose weight. 

I’m going to make money, and by February they're done showing up at the gym and still paying for their monthly membership. 

They're going to get on the phone. They're going to go crazy and  talk to 20 people the first 2, 3 weeks and then they're done doing it. 

I think the number one is, you have to get yourself in a place where you look at last year. 

What worked well and what worked didn’t, doesn't matter what it is. 

You can't do nothing about 2022. It's over what worked well, what didn’t work well. We all had good things happen, no matter how bad things are with covid and this and that I mean we can always find all the problems and the news you know is always going to give us all the constant negative news. You know covid's coming back, flu season, rsv, this problem, that problem. First thing I do is, I unplug from all that. I mean I don't really pay attention to much of the news, I know some people go to bed at night, they wake up in the morning, they go here all day long. I try not to watch the news, I mean again I might be a little different. My whole thing is if it doesn't really affect me or my family I’m not saying I don't care, but you know there's a war going on, let’s say okay, well unless I'm going to go fight, or I'm writing a check, what else can I do. Worrying about it is not fixing the war you know and we have a lot of things going on in the world that media tries to get in our brain. They try to sell us everything and anything they can.

So number 1- look at what worked for you in 2022 and what didn't work think of some things that you were happy with

that maybe you want to continue to do and some habits maybe are things you aren't happy with and you don't want to do and I believe that you have to write everything down. 

Keep a journal write everything down. Okay now do I write everything down for my time system and all that I do. I like to use a journal to write stuff in like what worked what didn't work. All that 100% and then I put it on my phone so I have it all right here with me because your phone's everywhere with you. So I don't just put goals down on a sheet of paper, that I don't have with me. You can either put them on 3 by 5 cards or I like it on my phone and on my screen because this seems to be with all of us. We don't carry a paper journal with all of us. The old days we would carry our plan everywhere we went. Some people still are old school. I still use it. You can see it but I don't carry it with me everywhere. If I have my goals on my screen I can see when it pops open. You see what they are. 

Recap - 

Reflect on 2022:

What didn't I like? 

What did I like? 

What do I want to change? 

What I want to continue? 


The next thing is, in a perfect world, looking forward then going backwards, is imagine 5 years from now. You're sitting there talking to your kids, or your grandkids, or your friends and you're telling them what the last five years have been like. So go forward and then tell the story of what it's like and just write it down. Now what you're doing is you're already telling your brain what happened, because you're telling the story. Kind of like I can now go tell Sam, I was on this podcast with her because I just finished it. Great podcast. 

What did you do?


Write down 5 years in advance forget, ten, twenty, fifty I don't believe in all that. 5 years is a long time, especially with the way the world is today. Work backwards. Five years, Three years, One year, Six months, Ninety days, and then Thirty days, then work backwards. 

So in 5 years where do you want to be financially? 

Where do you want to be physically? 

What's the perfect relationship? 

What does your family look like?

What does your social life look like? 


Tony Robbins talks about the wheel of life. Each area is like a spoke on a wheel. 







You know there are people making $10,000,000 a year, but they’re 50lbs overweight. They’re unhealthy, or they don’t have a great marriage, or they have issues with their kids. The money doesn’t fix any of it.

Then, being broke, their family is sleeping on the street. Well, that's not good either. 

Then someone can be super healthy, running marathons and triathlons. Yet they’ve been through 4 wives or 3 husbands and never talks to their kids. 

You want to have a balance. You know you want that spoke to be even and so now you come back from the 5 years. 

You know what do I want 5 years from now: 

my health to be like 

my life to be like 

my friendships 

my family 

my children if I have them or if I'm young, am I going to have them 

am I in a relationship 

am I not in a relationship 

Then you work it backwards. 

Okay well. Then what? 

What would it be look like in 3 years?

What would look like in 1 year at the end of 2023? 

Okay, and then you start focusing on the one year. 

Now we're going to take that one year and go to, 

What is it going to look like in six months? 

What are we going to do in ninety days? 

What are we going to do in thirty days?


5 years is a long time away when you look back. It's not like, Sam you look back at the kids and growing up and having Taylor and Josh born in the hospital that's twenty three and a half years ago so looking back, it seems like yesterday.


If you and I were sitting in the hospital today, look at 23 years in the future, it would be like an eternity. 

My mom told me enjoy it when they're young because time goes by. I said “ma they're like 2 and three years old” and she's like “just watch”. I look back at that now I'm like wow now they're 23 and 24. So when we look forward, 5 years is eternity.


God willing, we’re all going to be here in 5 years looking backwards. It's quick. 

So I go 5, 3, 1, 6 months, 90 days and then 1 month.


So what can I start to do in January to get me to where I want to be by the end of the first quarter. Get me where I want to be by the end of the first six months. Get me where I want to be by the end of the year. Now next year. 

We're going to look and say, okay how much farther did I push that needle for 3 years and 5 years. 

I'm 1 year into the program.

Am I getting closer? 

Did I do better at these things? 

Did I do worse at these things? 

I believe that finances is one part of the wheel. 

We all have friends that have a gazillion dollars but they're not happy. 

Tony Robbins says success without fulfillment is failure. 

Can you live at a higher level and help more people with money? 100%! 

Broke people can't help anybody. They can't help themselves, let alone anybody else. 

So I'm not one of those guys that say ‘don't get filthy rich’. I believe if you're a good person. You're going to be a good person rich. If you're a bad person, you're going to be a bad person rich. Money just makes you more of what you already are. There’s a lot of people with money that do a lot of great things. I can't help causes if I'm broke. I can't help my family if I'm broke. I can't help anybody if I'm one hundred fifty pounds overweight and don't take care of myself. 

You know so you have to have everything and I know we're talking network marketing and money but I wouldn't just focus on money I'd focus on all of them from a network marketing standpoint.


We're not going to talk about all of them. 

What am I going to do the next 30 days to get to the goal of  making a $1000 a month. How many customers do I have to get? How many distributors do I have to get? How many whatever I need to get and then I know the formula. 

‘Well I have to get 10 people, just an example, to get to where I want to be in thirty days. Then three months and then in six months, ten people, I'm choosing a number, Okay, how many people do I have to talk to to get the 10? How many approaches do I have to make to get to 10 and put those in order because the goal for the 30 days I need 10 people’. 

I'm just saying 10 people - let’s say I make $100 a person there's a thousand bucks, but I'm going to have talk to more than 10 and I'm going to have to approach a lot more and I'm going to have to fill my pipeline and the same with working out. I need to lose 50lbs, well I’m not going to lose 50lbs in one day. I have to take it a pound at a time 50 times. 

Okay I want to meet the woman of my dreams, or the man of my dreams. 

I want to build a better relationship with my sons or daughters. 

I want to have a son or a daughter. 

I want my relationship with my husband or wife to be better. 

I want to go develop more friends because I don't have a lot of friends and you work it backwards and then you work on it every day. I believe you have to in the morning, when you wake up, I do this thing called, Miracle Morning Hal El Rod, it's amazing and I do Tony Robbins priming and all these different things. I believe that how you start your day is how you're going to finish your day. When you wake up in the morning he talks about these things called savers but every morning when I wake up I get up at 7. The first hour I'm in bed, I focus on me.

I do some red light therapy and I'm focused on me. I'm doing prayers. I'm doing my savers. I'm meditating. I'm visualizing my affirmations. I'm doing some reading and I do that every single morning. 

Okay, and if you have something to do, you get up a little bit earlier. I'm not a big morning guy, seven o'clock is when I wake up, some guys are up at 3, 4, 5am that's not me, but that hour is important for me. Then I'll work out 3 or 4 days a week so I set my schedule that way. 

I'll start my day later because I need 'me time’ and every day I'm focusing on the me time, the me time, the me time, the me time, the me time, because if you're not your best, how are you going to help other people. I believe you have to read every day Sam. It has to be in your Dna. Another thing I learned from Larry Thompson, I learned a lot from Larry, but another thing I learned is, it's not a matter of remembering something, it’s a matter of not being able to forget. You know we go to school and I was a terrible student, and you're trying to memorize 3 x 2, 8 x 6, or you're trying to memorize the constitution, or you're trying to memorize the capitals of the 50 states, or whatever it is. 

Well instead of trying to memorize, because sooner or later you're going to forget. Most people once it's in your Dna, you don't forget so your brain rewires itself. Every day because you have your goal right here, your goal right here, your goal right here, your goal right here, and your brain starts to develop these synapses in the brain and it gets stronger and stronger. Most people get exactly what they want and that is they don't know.


If you don't write it down, if I say Sam, what do you want for your body in 2023?, and you don't have it written down, I guarantee you're going to get what you want, which is, you don't know. 

If I say, ‘Sam How much money do you want to make in 2023? If you don't have it written down, you’re going to get what you want. 

We get what we need, not what we want and I've learned that early in my career.

I was blessed to learn it over and over again and your goals need to be goals like ‘I want to make a thousand dollars a month’, but you want to make two thousand. Great. You know ‘I Want to run a marathon’ but you want to run a super marathon. Great. You know people sometimes get tied up and the last thing I'll say about this is they get too tied up in what everybody else is doing. Success to me, is doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whomever you want, for as long as you want, and being happy. 

Okay, if I want this car and you want another car great! 

If I want this vacation and you want another vacation, great! 

If I want a thousand dollars a month and you want $10,000, great! 

Success is being happy with what you want, not with what social media tells you, or all your friends, because you don't know what happens behind most people's closed doors and we all have friends that have all the things and my dad taught me early, “there's a difference between having and being” 

When we die, usually on the tombstone it says the day we were born. And the day we died and in between is this thing called the hyphen now we can't do anything about the day we were born because we had nothing to do with it. We can do a little about what we have on this side when we die by taking care of ourselves but still we can't control that the man upstairs does but we can control a hyphen in between.


So every day I try to do as much as I can, as often as I can. It's never perfect. It's never going to be perfect. 

But I try to go to bed and say ‘hey did I have a good day? 

Did I help others? 

Did I somewhat do part of my goals?

 Was today a great day? 

Do I need to fix and refine it? 

Do tomorrow what I didn't do today. 

But if I don't know what it is, if it's not written down somewhere you know, Sam how much money you want to make, ‘I don't know’, Sam what do you want to do with your body, ‘I don't know’, well guess what, you're going to get ‘I don't know’ and so network marketing is tremendous vehicle, it will get you to where you want to go, but you have to know where you want to go.


There you go.


Samantha Gamble:

Yes, 100%! I tell you that was amazing! That was really good! Ah well my friends, I am going to close it out there. There is nothing for me to add to that. Jeff thank you so much for joining us and  blessing us with your time, your wisdom and your insights. I can't thank you enough and hopefully you'll be back with us again soon.




Jeff Weisberg:

Hey, my pleasure and for those of you that are following. Sam's doing an amazing job. I love this whole Single Parent Superpower. 

I am a single parent, well now my kids are grown, but I guess I still am a single parent, and plugging into a network like this, from somebody who's done it, you know it's 1 thing to talk about, it’s another thing to do it. You know you've heard about ‘talk to talk versus walk to walk’. She's done both and following somebody who's made mistakes, because she has, we all have, but who's got the path that you can follow just follow, it’s better than trying to herd cats yourself. It's always better to pull the spaghetti across the table than try to push it and she's already there to help pull the spaghetti. She's already set the path to do it, you might as well follow her. Success leaves clues and she's already done it.


Samantha Gamble:

Ah, thanks so much for that Jeff I really appreciate it and a happy new year to you and your family! 

Thank you so much. We'll see you soon.


Jeff Weisberg:

Same to you and to the girls Bye bye.


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