Is Network Marketing Right for You? Episode #23

3 qualifications you must have is network marketing right for you? Jan 12, 2023
Is network marketing right for you. Can you have success in network marketing

Is Network Marketing right for you? Episode #23


Is Network Marketing right for you?

Answer is…Who in the heck knows…

What I do know and can tell you are the attributes, or qualifications if you will, that you need to posses in order to have any hope of having success in this industry.

Based on that, you’ll then know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, if Network Marketing is right for you and if you are right for Network Marketing.


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Now, let’s get down to it!

I have been in the Network Marketing industry since I was 22 and 1 week old. I am now 49. You can do the math. LOL

These 3 qualifications were taught to me when I first started and continuously throughout my 27 year career so far.


It doesn’t matter what company you’re with. What product you sell. What service you provide, or what country you are based out of.

These 3 qualifications are an absolute must, if you are looking to have a successful network marketing career.


The first one is 

A Burning Desire - you MUST have a burning desire to change the way things currently are. If you don’t, you won’t do what is necessary to have success. This is more than having your “why”. Having a “why” is great, but you need more than that. If you haven’t identified your Driving Force by doing the Seven Levels Deep exercise, I highly recommend you do it. The PDF download and the episode can be found on scroll to episode 12 - How to become unstoppable & unwavering. In every area of your live, not just in your Network Marketing business.

You have to be at a place where you can’t stand the way things are, not for one more day, not for one more min. You are done! For things to change you have to change and for things to get better, you have to get better. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

For me, my moment of disgust was when I was in the grocery store with my daughters years ago. My ex husband had left and took everything. 

I wasn’t even making enough to pay the mortgage at that time.

—You know when you’re in the grocery store, you almost always hear kids ask their parent for something. I never could understand when the parent would say “no, I can’t afford it” I understand saying “no”, but saying “I can’t afford it” when what their child was asking for was just a couple of dollars, well, this day - I was in the grocery store with my daughters, Vons, here in Thousand Oaks. Taylor, she asked if we could get Tree Top apple juice. It was 2 big bottles, tied together with that plastic cap thing. The 2 bottles were on sale for $5. I didn’t have the $5 to spare. 

Right then and there, I understood how those parents could say, “no, I can’t afford it”.

Now I never uttered those words to Taylor, I just told her “not this time LoveBug, maybe next time”

That sick, burning gut feeling enraged me. In my head, while we were in that grocery store, I said, “that’s it, not another day, not another min are we living like this”

I started putting all of my efforts on the distributorship I had at that time and increased my commissions from $4,700 to $21,000 in 3 months and I have never looked back.

I swore that I would never be in that position again and I haven’t.


So #1 is Burning Desire

2nd Qualification is - Willingness to work - We hear of a lot of people making ridiculous amounts of money in Network Marketing, so you know it’s possible, but I can tell you, first hand, it takes a lot of work. 

Building this business is VERY Simple, but it is not easy. You get out of it, what you put into it. 

If you treat it like a hobby, it’s going to pay you like a hobby, well, as with most hobbies, it will probably end up costing you money.

The key here is, make sure the work you do is your income producing activities. 

Often times, we get done with our day and we feel as though we were busy all day, yet we didn’t actually get anything accomplished. 

Without working hand in hand with your upline support team, and being focused on what you want to achieve and how are you going to get it, it is easy to fill your days with busy work.

Next thing you know, you’re network marketing business isn’t growing, but you’re putting in all of these hours, so you think this just isn’t working and you quit. Be focused on what rank you want to reach and what monthly residual income you want to earn and work backwards. Figure out how many customers and how many team members you need to attain that goal. If you don’t know, your upline support team will. They will also tell you what you need to do to get there.


Which leads me into Qualification #3 - Be Teachable. This is true when you first get started in the industry, but it holds true until you die. Never Ever stop learning. Every single person I know, who’s net worth is over $10,000,000, invest in themselves everyday by learning or studying something that makes them better. 

The success isn’t in the learning, however.

People say Knowledge is Power… respectfully, they are wrong. The Power is the in the application of the Knowledge.

Your success is in the application of what you learn. 

Side Note: Make sure you are learning from people who have the lifestyle you are wanting. Those are the people you need to listen to and do what they say to do. Don’t question it, just do it and do a lot of it.


I have built 7 successful, multi million dollar distributorships with 7 different companies during my 27 year career.

My mentors were and are the greatest networkers of all time. 

I was extremely lucky to be able to learn from the best of the best, like Larry Thompson, Jim Fobair, Jay Bennet, the late Jim Rohn, Ray Higdon, John Melton, Brynn Lang, just to name a few.

They make or have made countless of millions of dollars in our industry.

And although I only went to community college for 2 weeks, I am actually a very good student.

When I attended or attend any training that these guys do, I take notes as if it was the very first time I’m hearing them say it. The truth is, I’ve probably heard it dozens, if not hundreds of times, I can even write their sentences down before they are finished saying it sometimes, but like Bob Protor teaches, you don’t learn by reading something once, or hearing it once, it’s through repetition that it becomes part of you, part of your DNA and changes your paradigm. It then becomes your norm.


The 3 Qualifications are:

#1. Burning Desire - to change the way things are

#2. Have the Willingness to Work

#3. Be Teachable.

So, if you have all 3, congratulations, Network Marketing is for you!


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As my uncle Graham always says, “life is not a dress rehearsal” let’s make this one count my friend!


Until next week, Take care of yourself! xx




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