Why Aren't My Customers Reordering? Episode 25

how to build true residual income how to keep your customers reordering Jan 26, 2023
how to build true residual income, how to keep you customers happy and reordering, how to build a solid residual income with Network Marketing

“Why Aren’t My Customers Reordering?”


Do you have customers or even distributors that come in and order one time and never order again?


Are you wondering why people aren't reordering month after month. I mean after all you did get involved in Network Marketing so you can build up your residual income. You know the products work. So why aren't they ordering again?


Well, I’ll tell you exactly why, there's a couple reasons, either you didn't follow up with them to make sure they are taking the products or using your service the right way, everyday, or your products really don't work. 

Now I know you wouldn't be selling your product or services if they didn't work, so of course that's not the issue. Which leaves the hard truth of, most likely, it's because you didn't follow up with them correctly, or enough.


When people buy your product or service they have every intention of using it the right way every day, being consistent, but it's adding a new habit into their life. Usually for a person to implement a new habit into their life they need an accountability partner to make that habit stick.


That's where we come in! We care about the results our customers get with our products or service. 

Now keep in mind, our distributors or team members are also our customers. Anybody who consumes our products or service are our customers.


Not everybody is going to build a successful network marketing business like you. Not everybody will put in the type of effort that it takes to build a successful business in Network Marketing. Yet our products and services are things that everybody can use and benefit from.


Let me back up for a second, to state the obvious, as a business owner, which is what we are, we want people to re-order month after month. 

These are people that we exposed to our product or opportunity, they went through the information. Fell in love with what they saw and they placed an order. The hard work has already been done. 


However, the real money in network marketing, the real freedom, time freedom and financial freedom all comes from your re-orders. 


Yes do you make bonuses for different ranks you achieve, fast start bonuses, maybe a car bonus, yes most companies have bonuses, but those are all frosting on the cake. Your actual cake, your foundational income, the money coming in month after month that you can count on, all comes from people who love your products or services so they are re-ordering month after month year after year. They are “Lifers”. God forbid there is a natural disaster and they have to evacuate, they are taking their kids, pets, pictures, and your products. LOL 


This is your bread and butter. If you think of a bicycle wheel. The hub of that wheel is your recurring monthly revenue which is the revenue you receive from the orders that come in month after month. The spokes on that wheel are the different bonuses that you receive the advancement bonuses, the car bonuses, the rank advancement bonus is the fast start bonuses, you name it. Now don't get me wrong, bonuses are great! I love frosting, but without the cake you just have a mound of frosting no structure. It would be like building a house on sand without a cement slab as your foundation.


Follow up is the key. You've heard it probably 1 million times “the fortune is in the follow up”. We've heard it so many times because it's true. When somebody orders your product or services the first thing you need to find out is, why are they ordering your products or services. What result are they looking to achieve?

Then find out how serious are they about achieving those results. I like to use a scale of 1 to 10. One meaning they're not very serious at all about achieving that result, it would be nice if it happens but they're not going to do anything to make it happen.

10 is they are deadly serious and they will do whatever it takes to achieve that result. 

This will let you know how to follow up with them. If they are anything below a seven, chances are you're going to be going into convincing mode to get them to take the product or use your service on any type of consistent basis.


Follow up is a lot easier if they are at least a seven or higher. 


Now here's how you're going to follow up, this only takes a couple of minutes by the way:

You're going to follow up with them on day 1, day 2, day 3, day 5, day 7, week 2 and week 4, in time for your re-order.


Sidenote, it depends on how quickly your company processes the orders and ships the products out. You may want to adjust that week 4 follow up to a week 3 if you know it's going to take a week for your company to actually get the product to your customer.


Here's all you're going to ask your customer with every follow-up call you make and this could also be done through a text or Facebook messenger, but it has to be done. 

The first follow up call you have with them, you're going to walk them through how to use the products or service. Set them up for success based upon the goal they gave you.


Every follow up call after that, all you're going to say is “how did you use the products today or yesterday?” That's it. I will guarantee you no matter how simple your products or services are to use, you'll find that nine times out of 10 your customer is not using them 100% correctly. 


Now you may think that they'll be sick of you checking in on them so often, but they won't, what they will realize is that you actually really do care about the results that they get. 

You weren't just interested in closing the sale, getting the commissions. 

You really are interested in their well-being.


That intern will yield you a very loyal customer. They will be more open to looking at any other products that you sell. 


Now by following up with them like this, and again this is for your distributors / teammates and your customers. They're all customers, it guarantees that they will get the results that they are after, because you are hand holding them and encouraging them every step of the way. 


Now what do people do if they're getting great results? They re-order! They don't want to stop getting the great results that they're getting. 

On the second month and for every month there after, you can check in on them once a week or once every other week once your business gets to be too large to get in touch with everyone every week, just to see how they're doing and how they’re using the products.


As you build your loyal customer base, they will also send you referrals. Unless they are already on your team, and by the way, by you following up like this with your distributors, people on your team, you're teaching them what to do with their customers and distributors. Therefore you are building loyal customers deep within your organization. That is your true residual income my friend.


I'll tell you a story, there was one customer I had a few years ago. I was selling a weight loss system at the time, and my business was growing rapidly.  I was in 34 countries, was approaching 20,000 distributors on my team and my follow up with my customers was not as on point as it should've been.


I received a text from a lady who said “this product doesn't work, I have gained 8 pounds in the past three weeks”. 

Now I knew the product worked. I had helped people loose anywhere from their last 5 pounds on up to 640 pounds, so I knew the product worked. I knew that it had to of been user error and it was my fault because I dropped the ball and didn’t follow up with her.


Not only was she not going to re-order, she was going to return the product, so I gave her a call. After listening to her tell me about how the products don’t work and how much weight shed gained, I asked, “so Betty, how have you been using the product?”. She said “I have been using it just like you told me to, two shakes a day and one sensible meal”. 

I said “okay, that’s great Betty, let's go through step-by-step how you're preparing your shake and what your meal consists of”. She said “well I can tell you the shake tastes amazing when I blend it up with chocolate milk”. LOL

Long story short she was preparing her shake with 24oz whole fat chocolate milk, and having a massive meal at night.


I fixed and refined her. Made sure I followed up with her consistently and she ended up losing the 28 pounds that she initially wanted to lose. 

Betty went on to be a very loyal customer and ordered many of the other products that I sold at the time. 


So this is an example of me not following up on a consistent basis and somebody who not only was she not going to ever order the products ever again, but chances are, she was going to return them. 

And after a five minute phone call with her we fixed and refined her and she went on to have success and become a loyal customer.


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