Million Dollar Income Through Network Marketing #29

how to become a million dollar a year earner Mar 02, 2023


Million Dollar Income Through Network Marketing

Episode #29

Brief description:

This episode explains that having three to five solid leaders on your team is essential to becoming a Million dollar earner in network marketing, and emphasizes that “rich” is not a bad word. Additionally, it is highlighted that having a higher income can help others, and reveals two 90 day plans will set the path to becoming a millionaire. Moreover, it is advised that with proper support and resources, it is possible to become a successful network marketer, no matter what your background is, or experience level. 


1. Getting Rich: 3 to 5 Leaders You Need to Succeed in Network Marketing 

(00:00 - 05:41)

2. Uncovering the Magic Formula to Attract Leaders and Increase  Your Income 

(05:42 - 10:47)

3. Achieving a Million Dollars a Year: How to Get Off to the Races With Two 90 Day Plans 

(10:47 - 15:53)

4. Earning a Five-Figure Income: How Single Parents Can Succeed in Network Marketing 

(15:53 - 19:45)



This episode discusses the importance of having a team of three to five solid leaders when pursuing a career in network marketing in order to get rich. 

It is stressed that the word “rich” is not a bad word and having more of it can lead to positive impacts on other people's lives, both in the family and with charitable organizations. 

It is advised that those wishing to pursue a successful career in network marketing understand the process and goals they are working towards in order to remain focused and motivated. This can include the need to enroll at least a hundred people and have four to five powerful leaders on the team in order to generate a million dollars a year. 

It is highlighted that network marketing requires hard work and dedication and will usually take a year before a true leader emerges. 

It is stressed that starting today is possible and network marketing offers an amazing opportunity to those interested in making five or six figures a month. 

To be successful, it is important to have both customers and leaders and this is possible even as a single parent with the right training, resources, and support.


Key Highlights:


How many people do you need to enroll to get rich?


How do I know this formula works?


You can get rich with three to five solid leaders.


Identify your true driving force.


How do you get the right leaders?


How do you get three leaders?


Network marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.


What gets measured gets accomplished.


Make sure your onboarding process is smooth.


The importance of having leaders on your team.



Notable Quotes:

  • "Rich" is not a dirty 4 letter word
  • It's easy to get faked out by the numbers
  • This formula has been used for decades by everyone who earns over $1,000,000 per year, in network marketing.



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