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Episode 0

Welcome to the Single Parent Super Power Podcast!

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Episode 33 Financial Independence for Single Parents: Network Marketing FAQs Answered

Discover the path to financial independence for single parents through network marketing. Join us in this week's Single Parent SuperPower Podcast as we answer common questions, share valuable insights, and provide strategies for success.

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Episode 32 

Crush Your Goals: How to work your month like a pro

There are 4 weeks in a month, and they are NOT all created equal. This episode will outline for you how to work each week so you can maximize your results every single month!

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Episode 31

Staying Motivated & Positive / How to Push Through Difficult Times as a Single Parent Entrepreneur

How to stay motivated when things are not going your way in either your personal life,  business life, making you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.
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Episode 30

The Power of an Accountability Partner

Having a good accountability partner can be the key factor for your success. Make sure you...

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Episode 29

Million Dollar Income Through Network Marketing

Have you ever wondered how people make over $1,000,000 per year with their network marketing business?
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Episode 28

The Power of Measurement in Network Marketing 

“What gets measured, gets accomplished.” When it comes to building your network marketing business, this rings truer than ever.

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Episode 27

Pursuing a Better Life: The Power of Network Marketing for Single Parents

This episode of the My Single Parent Superpower podcast focuses on achieving success in network marketing as a single parent.

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Episode 26  

Building Your Network Marketing Business Doesn't Have To Be Confusing

Do you get confused with all of the conflicting information out there on how to build your network marketing business what you should do and not do?

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Episode 25

Why Aren't My Customers Reordering?

Are you wondering why people aren't reordering month after month. I mean after all you did get involved in Network Marketing so you can build up your residual income. You know the products work. So why aren't they ordering again?

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Episode 24

Is Your Excitement Turning Into Frustration? 

We all start our Network Marketing career with the same level of enthusiasm.

When we first get started in the industry we are so excited!

We're like a kid in the candy store or an excited puppy, only not peeing everywhere…

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Episode 23

Is Network Marketing Right for You?

Is Network Marketing right for you?

Answer is…Who in the heck knows…

What I do know and can tell you are the attributes, or qualifications if you will, that you need to posses in order to have any hope of having success in this industry.

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Episode 22

Best Way to Win in 2023 Interview w/ Jeff Weisberg

Get ready for an amazing 2023 - Jeff Weisberg, the undisputed champion of network marketing is here to show you how to reach wealth and success. Don't miss this chance to learn from one of the best!

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Episode 21

Want Unwavering Confidence?

Confidence is the true belief that you really can accomplish and achieve what you are visualizing.

Sounds easy enough, right?…

Well, unfortunately...

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Episode 20

Want to Speed Up Your Results?

There is 1 thing that will create real speed in your business and it’s probably not what you think. 

It’s not the latest and greatest system, or a way to get qualified leads, or the new social media algorithm…it’s your perspective. 

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Episode 19

Are You Jumping Your Close or Stalling Out?

What is your closing ratio? Would you like to improve it?

Making sure you go through the 8 positions will radically increase your closing ratio as well as the duplication within your team.

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Episode 18

Posture: What is it & Why is it so important when building your Network Marketing Business?

Having posture when building your network marketing business, is the difference between being great at getting new business and being terrible at it.

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Episode 17

4 ways you can fill your pipeline and never run out of people to talk to about your products and or opportunity

Pipeline is Network Marketing 101. Without a full pipeline, you don’t and won’t have a business...

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Episode #16

The Daily Gratitude Challenge

(5 Steps to a Happier Life)

Here are 5 daily action steps to incorporate into your day that will give you the attitude of gratitude each and every single day, no matter what is going on in your life...

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Episode 15

 7 Tips That Will Help You Get More Traffic, Engagement & Leads from Facebook 

How do you increase your traffic, engagement and make sure your ideal customers are seeing your content and not getting lost in the shuffle?

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Episode 14


3 Strategies to Maximize Your Energy and Productivity as Well as the Top 4 Tips on How to Manage Your Calendar

 Are you tired of being tired and STILL not getting your to-do list completed?

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Episode 13

How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Using Cold Market Messaging


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Episode 12

How to become unstoppable & unwavering

in every area of your life, not just in your Network Marketing business
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Episode 11

Can you be addicted to failure & not even know it?


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Episode 10

Secrets of Video Marketing

Hear from branding & video marketing expert, Ed Garza

It’s not hard to see why video is so popular these days. For one thing, it’s an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a rest from the overabundance of textual information online. This is why the world reportedly watches billions of... 

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Episode 9

Do Affirmations Work?

What 4 questions should you be asking & what is the 5-Step Method works 100% of the time?

The idea behind affirmations is to get you to believe in yourself and your abilities. By believing in yourself, you can achieve anything. Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself to reinforce a belief or goal, but do Affirmations REALLY Work? Tune into this episode to get the great and the not so great news... 

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Episode 8 

From Welfare to Abundance

How Lisa Griggs Turned Her Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

How often have you heard about people at rock bottom, only to rise from there and become successful? While these stories may be inspiring, most don't expect them to happen to us. We often feel as though there is nothing we can do when faced with such difficult circumstances...

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Episode 7

Follow Up Follow Up

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Episode 6

Don't Be A Fool, Use A Tool

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Episode 5

Don't Be A Lone Ranger

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Episode 4

Know Your Ideal Customer


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Episode 3

What to Post to Maximize Success

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Episode 2

Open For Business...Now What?

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Episode 1

How to Choose the Right Home-Based Opportunity for You

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