From Welfare to Abundance: How Lisa Griggs Turned Her Breakdowns to Breakthroughs - Episode 08

Sep 29, 2022

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How often have you heard about people at rock bottom, only to rise from there and become successful? While these stories may be inspiring, most don't expect them to happen to us. We often feel like there's nothing we can do when faced with such difficult circumstances.

But what if you could use these same principles that others have used to succeed in their lives, even when faced with tremendous hardship? What if you could use these same principles to reach your goals in life?


In today’s episode, we have our first guest of the show, a friend, successful entrepreneur, motivator, author, and mother of three, Lisa Griggs. I wanted to have Lisa as our first guest because her story is extremely unique. She is a hardworking single mother who has been able to pull herself up and remain composed at every challenge thrown at her, including being homeless for three years with her children. 


Lisa shares some great insights on overcoming adversity and how you can use it as an advantage instead of seeing it as a disadvantage. She also shares some great tips on making your luck by taking action even if you don't have everything figured out yet!

Key Highlights

[01:22] Introducing Lisa Griggs

[03:21] You're only one person away from your destiny

[04:56] Homeless with three children

[08:08] 5 tips for work-at-home parents

[12:34] Turning single mom breakdowns into breakthroughs

[17:17] Fighting the feeling of not being worthy

[22:31] Talking about her book

[26:03] The power of the subconscious

[31:52] Characteristics for good leadership in the networking industry

[36:07] Best tip for becoming a successful salesperson


Notable Quotes

  • Yes, you could be one person away from your destiny, but that person is yourself.
  • On the opposite end of that stick of it being hard is also that it can be very easy.
  • Well, when it's fun, it's easy.
  • Being a single mom and being on welfare was extremely disappointing as a parent, and I never thought I would be in that position at 40 years old.
  • I feel like self-care is one of the most important things in setting your day.
  • Friends can be great therapists.
  • Your support system and who you're around can lead very strongly to that can lead to your breakthroughs.
  • Anything that you put down in writing, or you put down visually, that's where your focus is going. So, it’s got to be intentional.
  • When you get deliberate and focused, then it elevates your mood naturally.
  • We don't know where people are at. We don't know what they've got going on. So when someone's in front of us, we can't prejudge the.


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