3 strategies to maximize your energy and productivity as well as the top 4 tips on how to manage your calendar

organizing your time save time and energy Nov 10, 2022

3 strategies to maximize your energy and productivity as well as the top 4 tips on how to manage your calendar



#1. Plan your Ideal Week - This will be your framework

 This is essentially your perfect week, if everything goes smoothly, there aren’t any distractions, or wrenches thrown in and the stars are aligned


This will give you the blueprint, foundation or framework of what your ideal week would look like. 

All the tasks you need to get done.

All the family time scheduled in.

All of your personal time scheduled in.


When planning your week, there are 3 areas of your life to fit into your schedule.

  1. High leverage work - this is the work and tasks that only you can do, things you can’t delegate. These are the things that require your expertise, knowledge or personal touch.
  2. Administrative work - these are items like checking your email, facebook messenger, texts, paying bills
  3. Personal activity - appts (doctor, hair, nails, etc.), volunteering at your childrens school, carpool, time with friends, family, etc


#2. Daily Big 3

 These are your “come hell or high water they’re going to get done” items. 

 These big 3 are tasks that are helping you get to your major goal. That way, you are chipping away and getting closer to where you ultimately want to be with your business and your personal life.

These Big 3 are your momentum building or mini goals. You’ll be making constant and consistent progress everyday and feeling that sense of accomplishment which will continue to move you forward.


#3. Startup / Shutdown Ritual

 Rituals you set to start and end your day will bring you more clarity and you’ll be less stressed and you’ll increase your productivity in your business.


Block out 20-60 minutes at the beginning and end of your day to carry out your ritual taks.


Do what you know you can stick with, if that’s 20 min great, if it’s 60 min, then great. I do about 60 min in the morning and about 20 min at the end of my work day.


Example of a startup ritual - here’s what I do-


 Visualize my day

 Review my mantras

 Review my calendar

 Review my big 3

 Set any appointments and alarms I need for the day


Example of a shutdown ritual - here’s what I do-

 Review my successes from the day

 Prepare for the next day

 Check my calendar for the day and for the next day. Did I get everything done? If not, I move those items to the next day.


Here are the top 4 tips for managing a busy calendar.


#1. Be realistic, know yourself, & identify patterns.

 Build your calendar around your habits and who you are versus planning a perfect.


#2. Learn to say no, plan for buffers and allow for rest.

 No one can do it all and you’ll burn out if you try.


#3. Prioritize tasks and use a Time management tool.

I use Google and Asana - 

I used my reminders on my phone for ages before asana. Just make sure you itemize your items, tasks, calls, etc. and put a time with them, don’t just list them as a to-do list.

Make sure you schedule your day.

Your day probably won’t run perfectly, but you’ll know with your shut down ritual what tasks you need to roll into the next day, but your Big 3 should be done


#4. Batch as much as possible to avoid context switching. When you have to switch tasks, back and forth, you’ll spend way more energy than necessary. 

 As an example, video your reels all on 1 day (by the way, you can schedule reels now on Instagram) versus, having to shoot videos everyday of the week.

 Sit down and create all of your social media posts

 Block out time to do your reach outs

Don’t flip flop back and forth.




Have your 7 Levels Deep worksheet in your sites. Remember your Ultimate Driving Force.


Commit to yourself.


Determine your boundaries. - A great mentor of mine, the late great Jim Rohn always said 2 things - 

#1 “if it’s not on your calendar, it won’t get done” if you want to go on a vacation, put it on your calendar


#2 “be where you are” - if you’re sitting down to dinner with your children, don’t be on your phone. Don’t work. Be with them. Have conversations. Be there 100%. If you are in the middle of your reach outs and prospecting time, don’t scroll through social media or watch netflix, the there 100%

“Be where you are”


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