Is Your Excitement Turning Into Frustration? Episode #24

frustrated with your network marketing business what to do when you feel like quitting Jan 19, 2023
Ever fill like quitting your network marketing business? Thinking of changing network marketing companies?

Is Your Excitement Turning Into Frustration? Episode #24


Hello my Network Marketing friend.


We all start our Network Marketing career with the same level of enthusiasm.

When we first get started in the industry we are so excited!

We're like a kid in the candy store or an excited puppy, only not peeing everywhere… 


When we first get started, the possibilities seem endless! 

We have big dreams and big goals. 


We anxiously await for our first product order to arrive. 

We have high hopes that this business will bring us the time and financial freedom we have always always desired. 


The first week we get started we're getting acclimated to the products, the tools, our support team, the income producing activities, and everything and anything that our support team tells us to read, watch, or do.


Then we talk to the first person we know, chances are they're positive because, although we are excited, we are super nervous, so we start with an easy sale. We reach out to the closest person to us because we know they will just order anything that we want them to, no matter what it is. Lol. 


However, the next handful of people we reach out to, they aren't so positive. 

They start saying things such as: 

“Why are you doing that thing?” 

“You don't know anything about running your own business.”  “Haven't you tried one of those things before?” 

“No one ever has success in those things.” 

“It's a pyramid.” 

“It's a get rich quick scheme.” 

“You're not a sales person.” 

“Why don't you look into getting a real job?” 

“Only the people at the top make money.” 

You catch my drift. LOL


You name it I have heard it all before. When I was first starting out in the industry 27 years ago, I heard all the negatives. I even had my own family members, for years, even when I started to have real success, like solid five figures a month coming in, I still had family members ask me when I was going to get a real job and  why am I doing that thing, it's a scam. 

People say these things not because they want to hurt us, or even discourage us, they say them because they think they know the Network Marketing Industry, but the just don’t. 


The thing is, it's such an inexpensive, easy way to start a simple to build business, no experience or college degree required (thank God), with unlimited potential, you can be from Yale or Jail. Because of this, countless amount of people have tried building a network marketing business. And I use the word “TRY” very loosely. (I’m doing air quotes right now) 


Often times people who say “I've tried one of those things before, they don't work, only the people at the top make money”, well the truth is, they didn’t really try. They didn't connect with their support team. They didn't use the tools. They didn't reach out to enough people. They weren’t consistent. They didn't put in the time or effort that's needed in order to build the type of business they were hoping to build.


Before I get into why I am saying all this, I wanted to tell you about the free gift I have waiting for you over on - it’s the ultimate home business success guide with the 7 insider tips that will help you build the successful Network Marketing business you really want to have so you and your children can live the life you truly deserve. Go grab it…not right this second, but after this episode LOL - pop over to 




So why am I saying all of this? Well I go back to my original point. When we get started, we are so excited! 

The sky is the limit! 

The world is our oyster, until we start shucking those oysters expecting to find a pearl, and all we find is sand, grit and slime… over and over and over again that it becomes understandable, heck, even justifiable to think 

“well I guess they must all be right, these things really don't work, I don't know how to run my own business, I guess it’s true, only the people at the top make the money”…and so on and so on and so on. 


Here's the thing. The fact of the matter is thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people all around the world are having and experiencing levels of financial success and time freedom that to levels so high that 99% of the worlds population could never wrap their heads around that level of success. 


They are all walks of life. They’re with various Network Marketing companies. Selling various products. Selling various services. Different types of compensation plans. They have different backgrounds and experience. Some got started when the company just got started. Some got started when the company was 15 years old and there are hundreds, if not thousands of people between them and the company in the lineage. 


The decades upon decades upon decades of success in our industry, automatically proves that most of the negative things we hear from people, who just don't understand, are wrong… 100% wrong. 


The other negative things such as: 

“you don't know what you're doing” 

“you don't know the first thing about running your own business”… Those are all learned abilities.


The key is make sure you connect and latch on to your support team. 

Find those people, in your company, that have the lifestyle that you want and find out exactly what it is that they do. Believe me they will share it with you because it's in their best interest for you to have massive amounts of success. There isn't a single leader out there, well, a true leader, a servant driven leader, who will ever keep what it is that they do to achieve their success, a secret. 

Find out what it is that they do, don't question it, and do a lot of it. Now, if you are doing what you need to be doing, consistently, and you're STILL not having success, you are sucking those oysters only to find more sand, grit and dirt over and over and over again and the thoughts of quitting start to creep into your mind and you are no longer having fun, then it is time to call and connect with your up line support team for a fix and refine session. 

This is where you're going to go through with them your activities for that day, that week, the previous week, and the week before that. 

You’re going to go through with them: 

The conversations that you've had. 

The messages that you've sent. 

The follow ups you've done. 

How often have you followed up? 

What messages have you sent? 

What tools are you using? 

They will be able to pinpoint one, two, or several areas where you're off just 1 or 2 degrees. Sometimes it’s just fixing and refining the little things that make the BIG difference.

Pretty soon you'll be shucking those oysters and you will get Pearl after Pearl after Pearl after Pearl. 

It's through the repetition and consistency of doing the correct income producing activities, the right way, every day that is going to produce the outcome that you are looking for. The financial freedom AND the time freedom. 


Don't quit! 

Are you going to get frustrated? 


Are there times where you're going to think of quitting? Absolutely! 

If the thought of quitting doesn't enter your brain fairly often, you're not doing enough of the right income producing activities. LOL


I'll close with this: 

Everybody always has an opinion. 

Everyone always has advice. 

The key is: 

Only listen to the opinions and take the advice from people who have the lifestyle, not just the money, but the entire package, the whole lifestyle, that you desire for you and your family. 


And remember this, what you're desiring for you and your family has been put on your heart, no one else’s. Therefore no one else can give you advice on how you can get to where you want to go. 

It's your dream, your desire, your goal, therefore you have the ability within you to reach it, otherwise that desire would not have been put on your heart. 

Now that doesn't guarantee that you're going to achieve it. 

You could be given a very grandiose desire, but if you binge on Netflix every day it's never going to fulfill the desire that's been put on your heart. 


Don't let the naysayers steal your dreams. I can tell you from experience, you could be earning over $1 million a year, and you will still have naysayers. You will still have people asking you: “Why don't you get a real job?” 

“Why are you involved in that scam?” 

“Why are you part of a pyramid?” 


Your job is not to debate, or convince them that they are wrong, because they are, your job is to put one foot in front of the other in the direction of your goals, dreams and desires. 




Take a breath. 

Look at your activities. 

Be honest with yourself about what you are doing to build your business. Are you busy with busy work, or are you busy with doing the right income producing activities. 

If you are, then call, text, email, DM, send a note via carrier pigeon, or send a smoke signal to your support team requesting a Fix and Refine Session.

I promise you after having this session with them, he will see where you can fix and refine. It could be a lot that you have to fix and refine, or it could just be a little bit, but being a little bit off will completely shift your business in the wrong direction. It isn't any different than a pilot flying an airplane. If we are flying from here, California, to go see my daughter TAYLOR in New York city, and the pilot set the course just slightly off, maybe even just 1 or 2 degrees, instead of ending in New York City we could end in Quebec, or North Carolina. 

Being even a little bit off adds up to a lot, but not to worry, your upline support team is there to help you. Take advantage of their expertise and their experience.


So was this helpful? Did you get value from this episode? I’d love to hear from you. Let’s connect on Facebook or  Instagram, links are in the show notes and on our site  


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As my uncle Graham always says, “life is not a dress rehearsal” let’s make this one count my friend!


Until next week, Take care of yourself! xx




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